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Oct 19, 2010 08:37 AM

where to buy pink curing salt?

I've been experimenting with curing meats, etc. recently but have been unable to find pink curing salt. Does anyone know where I might find it locally? I've tried YDFM, Cook's Warehouse, the Buford Highway Farmer's Market, Shield's, and my local Publix and Kroger.

I know it can be purchased online, but I'd prefer not to spend $5-10 for shipping on a $2 purchase.


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  1. maybe White Provisions (Howell Mill Rd) or Savor (Peachtree Rd)?

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    1. I don't know if any of the new charcuterie purveyors would sell you some- Spotted Trotter (at the St Phillips Sat Market) or Pine St Market.

      I get mine from Allied Kenco. I guess the shipping is a bummer, but I'd burn that much in time/gas hunting for some in town. I've gotten to a point where it's just easier to mail order stuff and pay the shipping.

      Now I just need to find time to use some of the pkg that I bought at the first of the year.

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        Yes, I bought some from Pine St Market recently.

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              Very cool. Did you serve cold a la the French Laundry recipe?

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                served a la Le Bernardin - cold, on toast, and hidden beneath thinly pounded tuna sashimi! -

      2. Thanks for the suggestions. In the end, I ordered it online.

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