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Oct 19, 2010 07:35 AM

Pork tenderloin

Need a good receipe for a 2 lb. pork tenderloin. Recipe can be for grilled or oven roasted or whatever.

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  1. I did one last night.

    I don't think mine was 2 lbs though, maybe half that. I buy them in a cryopack that has two tenderloins, so I froze one and seasoned the other with a Cajun blend (that also contained Spanish smoked paprika), and extra seasoning salt. Rubbed that in really well.

    I fried a couple of rashers of bacon in a cast iron frying pan and using the bacon fat, I seared the pork loin on all sides. When good and seared, I loosely covered it in aluminum foil and put into a preheated 375' oven for 15 minutes.

    Then I turned off the oven and let it stand without opening the oven for another ten minutes.

    (I put the bacon in our salad.)

    Then I put the tenderloins on the cutting board and recovered with the foil while I made the pan sauce. A little flour to bond with the bacon fat and pan juices and then deglazed with tap water. Blended well and let reduce and we ate.

    Sliced the loin and drizzled with the pan sauce, (but it was perfectly cooked, fork tender and juicy).

    Served with a green salad, purple hull peas and fried okra.


    1. I like to butterfly the loin and roll some raisins, walnuts and brown sugar up in it, wrap it in bacon and roast. Many variations can be made from this simple one to more complex. Served with a pan sauce it is wonderful.

      1. I'm planning on doing one this week by just coating it with olive oil, salt, pepper and maybe a little garlic, browning it on all sides and then finishing it in the oven. Then I'm going to take some of the basil I still have in the garden and making a pesto to put over the slices. Yum! There are so many recipes out there though.

        Last time I marinated in a wasabi, ginger and lime dressing. I always cook it the same way - brown the sides and finish in the oven. While the meat rests, make a pan sauce with the drippings. (Unless I'm doing a completely separate sauce i.e. the pesto).

        1. I love pork tenderloin sliced into medallions. I have made this recipe a bunch of times and it always goes over well.

          1. First, it is likely that the package you bought contains two tenderloins - they are usually not more than a pound each.

            Cook's Country has a good technique for more even roasting of this unevenly-shaped cut. Butterfly the two tenderloins, leaving at least 1/4" attached. Turn them heat to tail so the thin end of one aligns with the thick end of the other. Place whatever seasoning paste or stuffing you want onto both of the tenderloins, then fold then lengthwise and overlap so they form two interlocking "U"s. Then tie and roast. The fact that this is a thicker piece of meat means you get a browner exterior than if roasting separately. Still, IMO it wouldn't hurt to lay a strip or two of bacon over the roast, since tenderloin lacks a fat cap.

            If doing them separately, a sear with 15 min in a 375 oven is the way to go if you want it whole, but medallions help you compensate for the uneven shape. Either way, my favorite marinade is soy sauce, apple cider, garlic powder, dried summer savory, and mustard powder. Anywhere from a couple of hours to a couple of days, dry the meat before searing.

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              Speaking of Cook's Country, I used their recipe for Everything Bagel Crusted Pork Tenderloin, and it was fantastic - both for dinner that day, and for leftovers.
              Link to the recipe:
              Link to my blog post:

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                That sounds excellent - I love Everything Bagels :) And I really like the techniques. Thanks for sharing.

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                Yeah, you can flip the tail and tie it. Recently, I have been cutting the tapered end off and slicing it and freezing it for when I do stir fry.