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Oct 19, 2010 04:20 AM

Munich: cheap and delicious?

hi fellow hounds,

i'm in search of cheap and delicious in munich. i'm down for eating anything, ranging from traditional german fare to ethnic eats. what are you favorite inexpensive gems in the city? in terms of price range, i'm hoping for 15 EUR or less, drinks not included.

thanks in advance!

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  1. 15 EUR would be on the high end of the menu for most of the casual German places. Schweinebraten with dumplings & krautsalat never seems to run more than 9 EUR or so anywhere, and even a 1/4 duck with dumplings & red cabbage should be around 12 or so. Both are musts when you're in Munich.

    In general a good neighborhood to check out is behind the university on Amalienstr. and Türkenstr. Lots of very good places that cater to students and faculty.

    1. My favorite local dishes at wonderful restaurants with great value:

      Kasespatzle and fresh green salad with a Mass of Augustiner Edelstoff from the wooden casks at Augustinger Braustuben on Landesberger Strasse near the Hackerbrucke U/S Bahn stop. Much cheaper (12EUR for all) than near the Marienplatz or Dom and better environment.

      Riesenschnitz'l (an 18" version) with frites and salad plus a stone krug of Ayinger Altbairisch Dunkel at Liebhards in Aying a beautiful village only a 30 min train ride from the city center. All for 16EUR. You can have two more beers and not match the price of the Riesen only and 1/2 the size offered at the Ayinger Am Platz across from the Hofbrauhaus downtown.