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Oct 19, 2010 01:55 AM

I desperately and urgently look for the duck fat~please help me with this!

Because my friend and I decided to make confit , and we now live in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.We don't know where to buy it.I have checked ATLANTIC SUPERSTORE and SOBEY,they don't have the duck fat.

Is there someone knowing where can buy it?Or does it exist some kind of online shop in Canada?


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  1. Buy two whole ducks from the grocery store. Break them down into quarters and trim off the excess skin. Dice up the skin and put in a pot with 1/2 cup of water. Bring up to the simmer and then place in an oven at 225F for a couple of hours until most of the fat has rendered and the fat is clear to the bottom (this means there is no water left in the fat). Strain it. You should end up with enough fat to confit the remaining duck parts.

    Don't forget to make stock with the carcasses and trimmings!

    1. the first reply is pretty good. do you have any friends who work in restos who serve duck? I used to get the chefs to give me the trimmings from their duck breasts and I would render it.

      Lac Brome in quebec is one of the biggest duck producers in Canada. I would be surprised if they didn`t sell their wares online.

      check local farmers to see if anyone raises ducks.

      1. There is a (believe it or not) a place in the Moncton and Fredericton market that sells duck. Duck products and bottles of duck fat are among the many (excellent) products he sells.
        The name of it is 'La ferme du Diamant" or something very close....If you called them they would probably send some to you via bus... (But they aren't supposed to ship inter-provincially-so be nice when/if you ask...)

        1. How much do you need? I have a bucket of it in my freezer. I could probably spare 1liter.

          1. You can buy it at Dolma Food on St George Street in Moncton,NB.