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Oct 18, 2010 08:48 PM

(A little) Vietnamese food finally comes to Knoxville

Went to Bida Saigon today for the first time (noticed it driving by the other day) and had to spread the word. This place just opened six weeks ago and only serves beef pho and pork banh mi, with the occasional spring roll on the weekends. It also has killer Vietnamese coffee and I think it might also serve che, the dessert. My husband and I only tried the pho (we discovered that they had the banh mi after we ordered--there isn't a menu or even a board). It was delicious--very rich and flavorful with that delightful star anise scent. Definitely going back soon to try the banh mi.

The place is bare-bones and makes you feel like you have been transported out of Knoxville. Is more pool/karaoke hall than restaurant, and they seemed a little surprised that we (non-Vietnamese) were there.

Open seven days a week, early to late. Their address is technically 8078 Kingston, next to Hooters near West Town Mall, but we actually found our way in from Ray Mears Blvd (parallel to Kingston) and just across the street from Target.

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  1. Sounds exciting! Your use of "finally" makes it sound like it's the first, though. Don't forget that T. Ho is only recently closed.

    1. OOOoooh... I have errands to do out that way tomorrow...

      1. Update for you 8-20-2012: Just went their with friends and the food is AMAZING! Sure, not much to look at but the fresh (and I do mean FRESH) food and very low price (sandwich $3.00???) make this a must for anyone eating. I remember this type of start with the wildly successful Taste of Thai opened up ... REAL food!

        The menu is posted below and your should hear the story of the owner ... one of the original boat people that went through hell getting here to the USA ... now that is the true american story from this 3rd generation swede! Please go ... you will love it.