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Oct 18, 2010 07:58 PM

Prepared foods in Teaneck? Soup, chickens, etc?

I need your help. My mom was recently released from the hospital and I need to bring her some good, soul-warming, prepared food. I'm in NJ but don't really know the Teaneck scene (usually shop in Manhattan but not practical for this trip). Where would you go to get food for your mother if you needed to? Many thanks.

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  1. If you are in North Jersey and willing to hop over to Monsey (35 minutes up the GSP), you could go to Monsey Glatt right off Route 59 on Wednesday or Thursday. They have excellent home made "Jewish Mother" type food and it is made fresh on those days. It is a kosher supermarket with the take out counter in the back. Prepare to wait a bit on line when it's time to pay. As Monsey places go, their takeout is the best and made with more care. I would just bear in mind that wherever you buy, the salt content may be higher than is healthy for your mom. Make sure salt is not an issue for her. Good health.

    1. Glad your mom is home (mine's in hospital now as well). Try Ma'adan on Cedar Lane. It's next door to Butterflake, the kosher bakery.

      1. Hi,

        Your mom probably qualifies for kosher meals on wheels. It is not fancy food but my in-laws used it when they both were ill, food comes heated. Please contact Jewish Family Services

        Also for soup, (it's frozen) I have to reccomend Slurping Good Soup -- low fat low sodium all natural ingredients. It's sold at Best Glatt 557 Cedar Ln Teaneck, NJ. Phone: 201-801-0444.
        They do free delivery. Or you can get in touch with Stu the soup guy

        1. I'm sure a meal you prepared yourself will warm your mother's soul more than any takeout counter special.

          1. If you are a bit farther south in NJ, Highland Park has a great place called Glatt 27 (on the corner of Raritan Ave (aka Rte. 27 in Highland Park) and Highland Ave). Years ago, my mother stopped making her own chicken soup and only buys from Glatt 27 because she likes their soup so much and hated making her own.

            As cappucino points out, if sodium content is an issue for your mom, prepared food may not be the way to go.

            Quick note for avitrek - while I don't disagree with you, there are plenty of things we don't know. The OP asked for places to purchases prepared food, not for recipes to make herself, for some probably very good reasons.

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              I would recommend Petaks or Perfect Pita both in Fair Lawn, about 10 min from Teaneck. IMO they have the most home cooked and tasty food, one being Ashkenaz style (Petaks) and the other Sefardic (PP). You could also stop at Zaides in FL, one of the best kosher bakeries and get her a strudel. Their strudel is definitely heart warming.

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                FL? Florida? Huh? From NJ? What am I missing here?

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                  I'm thinking FL= Fair Lawn (b/c Fair Lawn was mentioned in the same post)

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                    Oh, yes, that makes much more sense; I was thinking only of the postal code.

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                      Oh yeah...that was definitely Fair Lawn