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Oct 18, 2010 07:37 PM

Pastry quantity discounts?

I was surprised to be charged the same rate ($2.50 each - $60.00) for two dozen cannoli ordered in advance as I would for walking up to the counter and ordering one ($2.50). Maybe it's because I'm going all frou frou and getting Modern's cannoli, but still.... Is this market standard or am I paying the "Modern" tax?

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  1. Let me play devil's advocate: Does it take less time, materials, and labor to fill 24 cannoli? Do you want the shop to give you a discount because you are ordering 24 - would you want a bigger discount if you ordered 100?

    I bet if you got the shop a discount on their utilities or rent or labor for that month (or even the day), they'd share that discount with you ... :)

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      devil's [devil's?] advocate...
      If they can sell 24 cannoli by serving 1 customer and prepping the order whenever they have time, rather than 24 customers ASAP each, they probably save something somewhere, whether it's time/money or increased efficiency/ability to sell more.

      However, to the OP's point, at actual bakeries (rather than supermarkets, etc), particularly better known ones, I've rarely (if ever) seen volume discounts. So I would say that it probably is market standard.

      1. re: Jeanne1116

        if you go to a restaurant as a group of 20, instead of a party of 2, do you expect a discount on the tab?

        in a tiny store like modern, there is little potential for economy of scale. it's not like dunkin' donuts where the goods come from a central commissary.

      2. 2 dozen and you want a discount, maybe 20 dozen will get their attention!

        1. Our economy and culture generally (there are some exceptions) permit vendors to charge whatever they want for their goods. Some vendors provide a discount for bulk purchases, not necessarily because their costs are lower, but because they want to encourage larger purchases. Others do not. Modern, apparently, is in the latter category. I'm sure if we did a survey, we'd find bakeries in both camps.

          1. If you want to buy bulk go to Costco; if you want quality, expect to pay for it!

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            1. i can't believe someone would expect a discount for 2-dzn.
              Well, I guess you are not surprised anymore.....