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Oct 18, 2010 07:05 PM

Gus's Pecans/Davis Mountain Nut Company - Fort Davis

The guy at the handmade broom place on route 17 just south of the fort recommended that I check out the candied pecans across the street at the Davis Mountain Nut Company. Glad he did!

I'd seen a huge pecan grove on my drive from El Paso to Marfa, and had read that the pecan was Texas's state tree, so I already had pecans on my mind when I saw the place.

Gus makes 7 yummy flavors of pecans - a great treat if you're in the area. Orange Twang and Sweet & Spicy were 2 of my favorites. Am looking at the brochure now - wish I'd noticed the fudge!

Everything was homey and authentic-seeming. I even got a recommendation on a seldom-open local restaurant - Poco Mexico, on 17, north of the "Y" in the road north of the fort, on the left side of the road, open 11:30 - 3:30 Thurs - Sun. I'll plan my next visit around those times.

This is the kind of place Chowhounders should support!

Not in the area? He's online -

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  1. I have had them not a bad flavor but too much sugar coating, couldn't even tell it was a pecan.

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      Hmm, sorry to hear it. All the varieties I had were a mix of sweet and spicy - sort of layered flavors. And you could definitely tell it was a fresh pecan in there.