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Oct 18, 2010 06:39 PM

Donuts in Baltimore ...

is there a bakery in/near town that bakes their own?


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  1. How close to Baltimore do you need them. It's not terribly close, but the Donut Shack in Severna Park has some of the best donuts anywhere.

    1. Hoehn's Bakery in Highlandtown

      They are on Conkling and Bank. It's my favorite!

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      1. re: ronandaim

        thank you! this is near my favorite italian deli, di pasquales. i will walk there on saturday 10,000% guaranteed!

      2. The Fractured Prune has a few locations near Baltimore:

        1. The Fenwick Bakery's marshmallow donuts are legendary. You often have to reserve them on weekends. I' m sure they make other varieties too. It's on Harford Road just north of Northern Pkwy,

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          1. re: Bob W

            ive heard about those ... hmmm looks like i have some donut places to try out this weekend!