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Oct 18, 2010 05:45 PM

A Boat Load of Freshly Picked Broccoli in my Fridge-HELP!

I went apple picking this past weekend and ended up also picking loads and loads of broccoli and spinach from the farm. I like simple, clean and very healthy food. What are some SIMPLE--not a ton of ingredients--where broccoli or spinach are the main ingredients/stars for side dishes. I don't really eat cheese (doesn't always agree with tummy) but small amounts of parm and feta I can handle. Ricotta and cottage cheese I don't have issues with. Also, I'm not looking for any dishes that have potatoes, rice or meat. I've already roasted and stir fried these babies but maybe you Chowhounds have some more ideas and different combos to add into the mix.

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  1. how about broccoli timbales? Similar to an individual crustless quiche, but really packed with broccoli and just enough egg mixture to hold it together. Also, you can do a batch at once and have some for a quick re-heat in the microwave.

    Another thing I like to do is to steam until just barely tender, throw in ice water to stop cooking, drain and toss with a sesame ginger or Italian dressing and chill in the fridge to have as a cold salad.

    1. Broccoli, peanut, raisin salad? Sounds gross, tastes good.

      1. for the stems/stalks:
        - shave or slice, toss with a gingery vinaigrette, and garnish with toasted sesame seeds or a drizzle of toasted sesame oil
        - shred and use in slaw
        - pickle

        - roast with tahini sauce
        - roast and toss with toasted pine nuts, freshly grated parm, lemon zest (or juice) & herbs
        - there's always that delicious standby of chili-garlic broccoli

        - broccoli soup!

        1. I make a broccoli cheese soup that I love, but I don't know if you can tolerate the cheese. I do use cheese powder in mine at this time for my reduced fat diet, and it's good too. Easy recipe!

          STEAM a large amount of broccoli until it's very tender. Do not cook in a pot of water as it loses much flavor and a lot of vitamin content. Steam it. Fill the jar of your blender about 2/3 full with steamed broccoli, and enough chicken stock to facilitate processing and blend on high speed until it is totally liquefied. The little green specs should be hard to find. Put this in a pot and continue processing until all of the broccoli is done. At this stage, it will be VERY thick. Add enough chicken stock to bring to a satisfyingly thick and creamy soup texture. Stir in flavorful cheese of your choice (I use cheddar) and taste for flavor. Check for seasoning and correct. You can serve it immediately, but when I make it I do a cauldron of it and fill 8 ounce "sipper" coffee cups almost full, put a sandwich bag over the cup and push it down into the soup to make full contact with the surface (prevents ice crystals from forming), then cover with the sipper lid and put as many cups of soup as I can mange into the freezer! It's an excellent soup. And I use the same method for cauliflower cheese soup. And it's sooooooo much cheaper than Campbell's "Cup in Hand" soups! But do remove the sandwich bag before nuking! In fact, I turn mine completely out of the cup and nuke it in a bowl or ceramic soup mug.

          You don't want my favorite spinach recipe... It's not all that simple, but not too difficult either, but its for spanikopita. It is THE most fattening way to eat spinach that is humanly possible! Those wild and crazy Greeks! '-)

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              I make a blender mushroom soup (creamy mushroom with no cream!) and use onion or shallot in that, but I find there's plenty of onion the chicken stock/broth, whether home made or store bought. Both the cauliflower and the broccoli versions examples of "elegant" recipes in the scientific sense of "elegant" as well as in the fashion/dining sense. Sort of the equivalent of the "Less is more" dictum. But if anyone doesn't like it the first time, there's lots of room for experimentation the next! '-)

              EDIT! EDIT! EDIT! I completely forgot to mention (or I think I did, haven't read my first post) that I DO add a dash of wine to the soup while pureing. Usually white vermouth.

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              That's pretty much how I make mine, but I save out a little of either the broccoli or cauliflower and finely chunk it so it has those little bits of whole veggie in there.

            3. Pasta with broccoli. Boil broccoli, florets and peeled stems, in abundant water, till just tender. Remove. In a large skillet, melt 2-3 (or more) thinly sliced garlic cloves and some crushed red pepper in good, fruity extra virgin olive, add broccoli and continue to cook, breaking up vegetable into a rough "cream". Add salt. In the broccoli water, boil penne, ziti, rigatoni, or other short cut pasta. When nearly done, mix into skillet with broccoli, adding some reserved pasta water to moisten if need be. Stir, cook about 5 mins more till all is blended.Serve. Top with coarse bread crumbs that have been previously sauteed till golden in olive oil. Grated pecorino romano and/or a dollop of ricotta is a nice touch.