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Oct 18, 2010 04:31 PM

Small Corn Tortillas in YYC

Looking for small corn tortillas, about 5 inches in diameter (12-13 cm for all you teenagers and younger) to make Korean Tacos.

Las Tortillas are a bit too big. If I can't find any to size, I'll buy big ones and cut them to size.

Any suggestions where to look?


Las Tortillas
4100 Marlborough Dr NE #2, Calgary, AB T2A 2Z5, CA

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  1. Bill, have you thought about making your own? you can pick up a tortilla press for under $15 from a latin market (skip the CFM where they charge $25), and a bag of maseca corn flour is like $5 at wally world. it's a bit of work to make them, but it's fun and they will be far fresher than the packaged ones you can buy at the supermarkets.

    1. A lazy answer.
      Did you ask Las Tortillas if they could custom make smaller ones for you?
      Someone could intercept them as they came out of the press and cut them down (5 inch cookie cutter?) before they are cooked.

      Also, the Bottlehouse has mini-taco appetizers on their menu which are about the size you wanted - maybe they can hook you up with their supplier.

      The BottleHouse Beer Parlour
      102 10 St NW, Calgary, AB T2N 1V3, CA

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      1. re: cancowboy

        I had lunch in Kensington Pub and the special today was mini chicken tacos. My tacos were pretty tasty so I asked where they sourced the tacos.

        Salsita @ Northmount & 14 ST NW

        1. re: cancowboy

          Thanks ccb, I'm going to be in the area tomorrow so I'll be stopping in.

      2. Calgary Co-op, at least the Richmond road one. They are in the deli section. I hope they are good as I have not tried them.

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        1. re: beekeroc

          While Coop has them (at various locations), I would not recommend them. I recently bought them and they were very, very dry, despite being within the best before period.

          1. re: Jigga

            ^^this, plus (like Los Tortillas) they are the "standard" size. OP is looking for smaller torts.

            1. re: nonlinear

              OP: Adding another acronym to my internal lexicon, non.

                1. re: Jigga

                  ^^read the first post, Bill said they are TOO BIG. sigh. why does this forum not have a facepalm emoticon?

                  1. re: nonlinear

                    I did read the first post. And if we're going to get anal here, Bill said that the Las (Los) Tortillas ones are too big, not that the Coop ones are too big. The Coop ones I purchased were the small ones (described in the first post as "about 5 inches in diameter"). Too bad there isn't an emoticon for "argh" as well.

                    1. re: Jigga

                      but las tortillas and co-op ones are the same size. right?

                      (I mean, it's the "standard" size, which Bill said is too big, right?)

                      1. re: nonlinear

                        I have no idea how big the Las/Los Tortillas ones are. I can only comment on Coop's. They're small (like 5 inches, which is what was requested as a recommendation) (and dry, which I suspect is not what was requested as a recommendation). Why are we still having this discussion?

          2. I picked up small ones, the size you are looking for, last spring, at a place on 17th Avenue SE. I think it was called La Dona? They had a restaurant with a very small shop attached. Not sure if they are still around but might be worth a call.

              1. re: hsk

                NY Times tells the story. They seem to have originated as L.A. street food, a Korean-Mexican fusion. I ran into them in Vancouver. We're doing a Korean themed meal this weekend and thought they'd be fun to do for guests.