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Oct 18, 2010 03:41 PM

Chinada - Northern Chinese hole-in-the wall

I was completely frazzled last Friday and stopped into Goldies on Saint Jacques for a cheap beer (I mentioned Goldies as a dive bar in a "Loyola Campus" thread awhile back). Walking towards the watering hole, I took a gander next door at the pizza place. To my surprise, the hole-in-the-wall pizza joint was replaced by a hole-in-the-wall Chinese place called Chinada (making it more-than-eligible for the dumb chinese restaurant name thread).

The guy is from Northern China and makes his own noodles.
I ordered the Beef Ramen Soup to go (Large $7.99) then headed to Goldies for that beer. The bartender and a fellow patron gave Chinada's potstickers high praise (the guy at the bar, apparently a regular, described them as a chinese peirogi...). I ordered another beer and ducked back into the resto to add pork potstickers to my order (9 for $5.99).
The soup reminded me of the Big Flat Lamb Noodle soup of Verdun, without the lamb. Some may say "bland", but I'd describe it as "delicate". The owner/cook/dishwasher said the soup is better enjoyed in-house, but gladly packed it up for me.
The homemade potstickers were unusual in shape, kinda tubular with a pinched/folded top. First steamed then pan-fried, they were quite tasty, pehaps a bit too gingery for my tastes. Texture was great. The homemade, ground hot pepper was a tasty addition.
I hope to see this guy do well (the bar people said he opened in the summer and does everything himself) and expand his menu to more items closer to his home.
Besides the usual General Tao/Kung Pao/Ma Po type dishes, he lists spiced and sliced beef, home style cold noodles, spicy sauce and cumin chicken, and Baozi (steamed coked and stuffed dough). I wanna return to try these, encourage the guy, and ask him about listing more northern dishes.
Its on St. Jacques (7427) across from the Sealtest plant. Nothing fancy.

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    1. Wow - thanks for the tip, will check it out.

      1. Thanks for this, will check it out.

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          I went today with some friends, would like to like the place but they were out of almost everything on the menu and the one guy working there clearly needs help as the dishes come out one at a time. It was good but took way too long for that kind of place...

        2. Would it be too much to ask if someone can scan the menu and post it online. I just called, the guy said it wasn't online. I don't live nearby to pick up a menu. If someone can and is willing it would be great. Thanks

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            Curious about this joint. I would like to try it but need some uptodate feedback on that joint.

            7427, rue St-Jacques
            Montreal, QC, H4B 1W6
            (514) 484-0333

            1. re: maj54us

              I am going today for lunch. Will report back after.

              1. re: yeggy

                I went for lunch Sunday. Food very good and fresh and extremely reasonable. I have menu. Will try to upload. Hope it works.

          2. Does anyone know how I can upload the pdf menu here?

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              Click the little Camera icon below the box you type in and select the file then click reply. If for some reason that doesn't work (and it should, it just let me select a pdf file, but Ive never uploaded one) take a picture of the menu and just upload that.

              1. re: yeggy

                I think it only takes JPEGs, maybe GIFs.

                If the menu is illegible after uploading, if you have a Dropbox account, you can upload it there and add a link to the file here.

                Thanks - intrigued to check out this place!

                  1. re: yeggy


                    Thanks for the info about jpeg. I tried 1st with pdf but it didn't open. I rescaned and saved as jpeg. Hope it's legible. I recommend. I will definitely go back.

                    1. re: yeggy

                      Thanks for trying again. Can't really read it. ;-)

                      What dishes did you order? Maybe you can tell us more about what was good there. Thanks!

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                        2nd try. This should be the original size and not the thumbnail.