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Oct 18, 2010 02:42 PM

No. 6 cone-shape drip coffee filters -- Are they extinct?

Hounds, For years I've used a No. 6 cone filter drip coffee maker, the basic heat your water and pour it through your grounds. Now I need a replacement, but cannot find either No. 6 paper filters nor a No. 6 cone in the West Los Angeles area. Did the manufacturers of coffee makers and parts stop making these?

If anyone know where I can find one, please let me know. I'm temporarily (I hope) using a No. 4 Melitta cone and coffee pot for now.

Many thanks for any help.


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    1. re: ZenSojourner

      Many thanks, ZS. Could not find it at cookware sites. Obviously didn't think broadly enough. My order is placed for the filters and a new No. 6 cone.

      Again, many thanks.

      1. re: rdt01

        NP. Glad you found what you needed.

    2. Heck no! Check out

      Simply one of the best coffee resources online. And the people that run the site are very passionate about coffee and super helpful.

      1. I just got a vintage but unused porcelain Melitta No. 6 from eBay. Unfortunately, it has some deep pits despite the seller's reassurance before selling that it didn't.

        I see No. 6's on eBay every so often, but the ones I've seen have all been vintage and almost all used. I'm not sure Melitta makes the No. 6 porcelain anymore, but could be wrong.

        1. I have plastic Melittas in both the #2 & #4 size. As I menitoned on another coffee thread, I use a manual drip coffee maker at our place up north (no electricity, I won't turn the generator on for an electric coffee maker) because I hate percolated coffee. Anyway, I found one of those aluminum 'Drip 'O Lator' manual drip coffee pots at a thrift store for $1.80. I have an aunt and uncle that have been using one like that since they got married in 1946.

          1. Order them direct from Melitta by the case is the most cost effective way to do it.