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Oct 18, 2010 10:43 AM

F.I.S.H. in Port Chester closed due to "unforeseen circumstances"

Well, this is a shame: Liz Johnson just blogged that F.I.S.H. has closed, and sure enough, there's a tearful message on the website. A real loss to the town, I think. Such an odd location - wonder if it'll be reused??

Speaking of which - the Frank's location is still empty at the Food Emporium (excuse me, A&P!) plaza. I'm really, really hoping that Arrosto makes a decent fist of things. I know we're in no danger of running out of places to eat out, but it always saddens me when the overall trend looks like fewer restaurants rather than more...

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  1. What a surprise-- had a nice meal there just a couple of weeks ago.

    1. That's too bad. I had been meaning to get back... had some yummy meals there.

      1. I am completely NOT surprised about FISH. Ridiculously inept service, very mediocre food and nothing that warrants a second visit. Ugh! Whatever goes in there now can only be an improvement.

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        1. re: MRS

          WOW, I've been there about 5-6 times and never once had anything but amazing food. Service was sketchy at times, but I don't go out for service, I go out for food. I have recommended it to many people and everyone thanked me and told me their meals were wonderful. What seafood places are good in your opinion?

          1. re: jhopp217

            In truth, jhopp217, I don't feel that there are very many "seafood" places in Westchester that really are very good. We have always had stellar service and stellar food at Dayboat Cafe in Irvington when we are in the mood for a real seafood meal. Other than that, I can't think of a seafood place that "does it" for us. That said, there are many places where I find I can get a nice piece of fish in the area, if that's what I am in the mood for. I find Ruby's in Rye to be solid and consistent. I LOVE the salmon at Nessa in Portchester. I have had very nice fish and AMAZING soft-shell crabs at North in Armonk. I guess it depends on what you are in the mood for.

            1. re: MRS

              I rarely go to places that are seafood-specific, unless I'm getting sushi and sashimi, but I usually get seafood dishes when I go out. I've actually found that the best dishes are where you'd least expect them. That being said, FISH was one place I could count on for a good meal. I will agree with you on the service, which at times was a little suspect, but as far as food quality, I could never complain. And the free bottle of wine when dining early never hurt either.

              1. re: jhopp217

                I thought the food at FISH was very good, but agree that the service was poor. At our last (recent) dinner there, the "free bottle" of wine was actually a little more than a glass each--our server did not leave the bottle with us, and poured for other tables from our bottle. That said however, I am surprised they closed, the place was packed!

          2. re: MRS

            MRS - I very clearly remember your review when you wrote it. I'm sorry you had such a wretched time there, but I'm happy (well, sad now!) to see that it really does seem like you were there on a rare "off" night. There are many reasons that a restaurant can have a number of events all colliding to make a bad evening, but I tend to think that if the overall trend/feeling is that it's NOT institutional -- ie, they generally DO care and mostly get it right -- then the benefit of the doubt belongs to the restaurant.

            But then, maybe I'm a Pollyanna about these things. I just know that I feel bad now that I didn't go there as often as I wanted to. I thought the food, value, and overall experience was great and one of the things that made me be OK about living in Westchester after being wrenched from NYC by a Husband!

          3. We always loved this restaurant. While the service was spotty, the fish and food has always been wonderful.

            My family had a reservation booked at F.I.S.H for Saturday October 16th-It was supposed to be a 65th birthday celebration for my mother. The whole family was getting together for dinner and we had a reservation for 17 people. We booked the reservation about 3 weeks prior to the date. When we booked the reservation the hostess took all relevant contact information from my Brother including a telephone number and a credit card to hold the reservation.

            On Saturday evening-the night of the reservation-we discovered that the restaurant was closed-No longer in business! This was discovered only when a member of our party went onto the web site to get the address. At this point people were on their way to the restaurant since we had people coming from up to 2 hours away. It is unbelievable that the owners did not have the common decency to contact us and tell us that they would not be able to honor the reservation. With a reservation for 17 people we should have received the common courtesy of a telephone call. This truly speaks to the character of the owners and management of this establishment. It is no wonder they are out of business. Perhaps the unforeseen circumstance was their ineptitude!

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            1. re: melynch

              How terrible for your party! Just curious, how did it work out for all of the guests who were already on the way? Where did you all go? Hope it still was a happy birthday!

            2. My understanding is F.I.S.H. closed because the town of P.C. found there was a problem with drainage and the restaurant's sewage - not the restaurant's fault but rather the landlord's. The cost of repairs is over $100K and the landlord won't pay. The owners plan to re-open another restaurant, probably not seafood, in the near future.

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              1. re: laylag

                I too enjoyed FISH. Good Food and Great Scene, especially in the summer. I think the only people who didn't like FISH were the Blue Hill crowd. See above. As to not calling to cancel a reservation. The restaurant was closed down, without warning or notice. The owner lost his business, people lost their jobs. It's no wonder you didn't get a call, so quit whining.

                  1. re: winston1

                    Do you have specific knowledge that the Owner could not access or get his reservation book to call people? I would understand your comment about quit whining if it were 2 people as they could easily find somewhere else but this was a reservation for 17 so unless there was no way they could get the book or into their computer system an effort should have been made.

                    1. re: rolise

                      I agree. I bet any of those saying "don't whine" would be raising a fit if their *very large* long-planned gathering had had this happen.

                      1. re: rolise

                        I agree. My thoughts about F.I.S.H aside, I think that Winston1 would have been livid if the same thing had happened to him. You really think they had NO advance notice at all that they were going to be closed down? No inkling that there was an issue at hand? That's a bit hard for me to believe.

                        1. re: MRS

                          I may have been upset, but I promise you, I would not be whining about it.

                          1. re: winston1

                            There was no whining involved in my post. It was just a statement of the facts as they occurred that day. This was a very important occasion and we were all tremendously disappointed. I am sure you can all imagine what it is like to try to find a restaurant that will accept 17 people at the last minute on a Saturday night.

                              1. re: cubanat

                                Limoncello in Mamaroneck- they graciously fit us in. We tried about 15 other places that could not fit us in.

                                1. re: melynch

                                  Wow that stinks. How was the food there?