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Oct 18, 2010 09:46 AM

Glassware Ironies

Like many millions of people Mr. Shallots and I drink soft drinks, water and iced tea every day, at least three times, if not more. So our glass ware does get broken.

I like certain dimensions in water and iced tea glasses and I want a certain minimum strength of glass. I like them clear so I can check that they are clean.

So, when I go searching for glassware, the world wants to sell me beer steins, 40 gazillion different wine glasses and twentytwo thousand styles of coffee and hot tea cups/mugs/etc.

Maybe someone will realize that there's also a market out there for classic glasswear for water and water's kin.

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  1. I'm not sure where the irony is in your post. Nor can I figure out why you are having so much trouble finding glasses. A quick trip to your local Target will give you everything you need.

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    1. re: travelmad478

      My local Target is twenty miles away and their iced tea glasses are plain clear glass cylinders with no style.
      I don't need dancing dolphins or lots of odd swirls that change color with the temperature of the glass. I would like something beyond bland.

      1. re: shallots

        OK, Crate and Barrel, then. If you don't feel like driving, then order online.

    2. The Vermont Country Store, Holiday 2010 catalogue -- pg. 67 lists four sizes of the classic French "Picardie" glasses. Pg 68 has 4 sizes of classic jelly glasses from 6 - 16 oz..

      I believe that each of these will fit your search for "classic glassware".

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      1. re: Sherri

        Sherri, after going through I have no idea how many juice and "every day" highball glasses (as opposed to hoity-toity crystal highball glasses that we bring out for guests) over the years, we got some Picardie glasses (not from Vermont Country Store, but elsewhere) a few years ago, and can second your endorsement of them as "classic glassware."

        As to their durability, with a sufficiently reinforced racket, Picardies could be used as badminton shuttlecocks, and come out none the worse for wear. It is also fun to watch filmed-in-Europe motion pictures and see how inevitably the glasses on the café or bar table always are Picardie glasses.

        The original French maker of Picardie glasses is out of business, but Bormioli of Italy, a fine glass maker, has carried on the tradition admirably. (It is a trend: the quintessential French personal notebook, the Moleskine, also now is made in Italy.)

        1. re: Politeness

          I made the same switch (switching out nice Calvin Klein crystal glasses, highball style) and haven't looked back.

          Agree with travel that there are plenty of water glasses around.

          1. re: Politeness

            Agreed 100%, politeness. I've used Picardie for about 40 years and simply replace when necessary. I'll admit to never having thought about their badminton possibilities but I can attest to their durability. The first ones I brought home from France when I lived there; they've been my everyday glasses forever.

          2. re: Sherri

            Another fan of Picardie. I haven't had to replace any in a while but I was buying them at World Market a couple years ago. I think they've become easier to find again....aren't they back in stock at William-Sonoma these days?

            1. re: ziggylu

              Williams Sonoma and even Design Within Reach (shockingly, even less expensive at the latter). But heard the new WS are greener in tint than in the past - not sure about DWR ones.

              I've heard that as with Ball mason jars, different makers with different specs make the picardies even they are all licensed under the same name. Not sure if true or not but if true, there might be quality differences among different mfrs/suppliers.

              Mine I got from WS. A tad greenish like glass often is, but I like them.

          3. Do an online search for "Libby" or "Anchor Hocking" They make most of the basic glassware you find in diners and bars.

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            1. re: Eric in NJ

              Anchor Hocking is what I get at Walmart (our family breaks glasses pretty regularly). They aren't fancy, but I think they are "classic"

            2. I believe the brand you're looking for is Libby's. Easy to find.

              1. Schott Zwiesel glasses are awesome too, available in Sur la table and Bloomingdales.