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Oct 18, 2010 09:13 AM

Berri Station

Hi all,

Any recommendations for a monday night, close to the Berri-UQAM bus station?
Any cuisine, more of a casual dinner spot with good food, and on the quieter side. Also nothing too expensive, if possible.


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  1. Lookup Latin Quarters and Saint-Denis street, it houses hundreds of venues. Too many to name with such a vague request.

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      Also look up Le Village (the Gay Village) though that would run eastwards.

      Sourberry, agree about Quartier latin (or Latin Quarter) but St-Denis is a very long street - you can use it in searches but it extends from south to north of island.

        1. re: SourberryLily

          Sharon86, please ignore the un-helpful posts...I assume you posted to Chowhound to get some local / insider recommendations, not be pointed to Google Maps! :-/

          With that in mind: one of my favorite restaurants in that area is a little Tibetan restaurant on Ontario street, half a block west of Saint Denis. It's a little bit north of the bus station and definitely worth bypassing all the tourist traps along the way. It is called Chez Gatse; their specialties include steamed buns ("momos") stuffed with vegetables and cheese, meat momos which are more like potstickers, and blue cheese soup (if you like blue cheese, that is). I've been taking guests here for years; it's a great place for the food, atmosphere, service and value. Full dinner (table d'hote) runs about $10-12.

          Another place which is located further East in the Village (as mentioned by a previous poster) is called La Strega du Village ("the village witch"). It's a cute and affordable little Italian place that serves an assortment of pasta and veal dishes. They bring you some freshly-made bruschetta when you arrive, which is a nice touch. It can get a little cramped / noisy during peak hours but at quieter times it's lovely. I don't recall having gone there on a Monday, but I don't imagine it would be too busy that night. It's located on Sainte-Catherine East, pretty much right between Beaudry and Papineau metro stations. It's walkable but a bit of a hike (~15 minutes give or take). Price is in the same ballpark as Chez Gatse.

          There is a chance these places are closed on Monday nights - I recommend calling ahead to double-check.

          Good luck!