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Oct 18, 2010 08:50 AM

Best Salsa and Mayo in Bay Area

Hi, I recently moved to the Bay Area and there are two items I miss from upstate New York. One is Cains mayonnaise and the other is Enrico's Hot Salsa. I am not a fan of Hellmans
and i am wondering if anyone has a recommendation for another brand. I think it is possible to get Enrico's here but I'm wondering if anyone knows of a place in Marin. Thanks for any help.

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  1. It is hard to imagine anyone who doesn't prefer Best Foods mayo (Hellman's in the East), but some chowhounds seem hooked on Duke's (limited availability). I suggest you just try the available brands until you find something to your liking. I have never heard of Cain's.

    1. FAQ from Cain's website
      I moved out of the area and can no longer purchase my favorite Cains product in the supermarkets in my area. Is there a way I can order Cains products direct?
      Yes, you can order Cains products directly from us through our Customer Service Department at 800-225-0601. Products must be ordered by the case and payment is required prior to shipment.
      Convert your neighbors.


        I am hooked on the fresh roasted now but the hot salsa roja is also a winner. Buy a taco there and eat all you want to try em out.