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good food, dog friendly restaurant?

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we are in town this weekend and staying at the embassy suites on Congress just across the river and looking for dog friendly food suggestions. We'll need a lunch and a dinner spot. Looking for something slightly classy (like a bistro type place) vs a pub, cause my in-laws will be with us and they tend to go to nicer places.

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  1. Slightly classy with a dog. Therein lies the dilema. I know Freddie's Place welcomes dogs and has a very lovely tree-shaded dining area, but it's what I'd call a pub-grub place (actually, the food isn't great at all, but the ambiance is lovely...but "south-austiny"...but I like that kind of thing). Same goes for Green Mesquite, but again, see above...

    Way up on Burnet and about 48th is Simplicity. Food is quite good, sangria is wonderful, they allow dogs on the patio, and fits the bistro requirement, but it's not what I'd call convenient to you.

    Oh! I have it! Go to Odd Duck Trailer. Food is excellent, they allow dogs and it's funky "Austin slightly classy." It's funky, and it's BYOB (or W)

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      Thanks for the feedback. I have looked at a few websites that list dog friendly places, and that's what I was encountering as well..they were more bar-ish places. To provide some additional guidance, in the past we've always gone to Vespaio for a dinner and driven out to Barton Creek for lunch. I am trying to avoid going to Barton Creek for lunch, since that'll mean leaving the doggie in the hotel for a couple of hours.

      1610 S Congress Ave, Austin, TX 78704

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        You know, as much as I hate to recommend it (because of the issues surrounding the take-over), now that they've worked the kinks out, Ski Shores is one of my favorite places to take the dogs and hang out. It is absolutely positively NOT classy/bistro. It is, however, one of the coolest, most lovely little spots to have a beer and people watch on the water. Feels like a mini vacation. Be warned - it's a pizza/burger/beer place, but the deck on the water is very Austiny. It remains a hidden gem.

        I've been to Pearla's twice...and have been ignored twice, so I got up and have never eaten there. Feels very California transplant to me. It's "classy" but also very class-y. However, my opinion is tainted, so take that with a grain of salt.

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        I was at Perla's this weekend and on exiting through the outdoor seating, there was a couple with their dog there... that might be a good place to check, Perla's outdoor, or other outdoor venues...

      3. My cousin was visiting recently, and had brought her dog. We ended up at Moonshine, which is totally dog friendly on their patio.

        1. Here is a comprehensive list of restaurants that are dog friendly:

          Website is run by a local foodblogger MisoHungry Now

          Among those that could be considered "classy" are Cipollina, Mulberry, Paggi House, Urban, Moonshine, and Perla's

          Paggi House
          200 Lee Barton Drive, Austin, TX 78704

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            A year later, and this is again a question for me, and is helpful!. Are there other places similar to Cipollina, similar to price point that can accomodate a party of 9 + dog that anyone can think of? Perla's won't take reservations outside. Paggi House looks awesome, but a bit pricey for a group of 9 (when 1 person is picking up the check).

            Paggi House
            200 Lee Barton Dr, Austin, TX 78704

            1. re: pgwiz1

              How did it go last year?
              Report back about where you went. What went right and what could be improved on? This type of feedback would help us give you better suggestions this time around.

              1. re: Alan Sudo

                We tried Perla last year. It was fabulous. What makes it difficult to go back to Perla this year is that we have a larger group (9 people) and Perla doesn't take reservations for their outside seating. So showing up with 9 people + a dog and having to wait an hour just won't work. Hence looking for some other options. Of the list above, I've call Cipollina (they can't fit 9 people outside), Mulberry (they don't have availability for 9 people on Friday), and Perla. Urban seems further than where we want to travel for a dinner (have to get up early for a 5K), and Moonshine didn't seem like the right vibe. Paggi House looks awesome, but a bit pricey for a large group, especially with the in-laws are picking up the check. So certainly welcome some other options!

                Paggi House
                200 Lee Barton Dr, Austin, TX 78704

                1. re: Alan Sudo

                  I think that Contigo would fit the bill. Excellent food and cocktails and they now take reservations,
                  I agree that Justine's can be wonderful.
                  Red's Porch may be another option - beautiful patio, they have a picture of a dog on their website, so dog friendly, but I'm not sure if they take reservations.

                  1. re: Alan Sudo

                    HUGE shoutout to Alan Sudo and bubbleboy79 who suggested Justine's. I can't tell you how much that suggetion helped me. Here's how my Sunday evening went down:
                    We came back to Austin from Dripping Springs after the full day of bike riding. We still needed a table for 9, and decided if we went to dinner at 6 to Perla's we'd be okay with getting a table. We show up to Perla's, and they literally have two people sitting at each of their 10 top tables, so ofcourse they can't seat us, and tell us that it'll be a 1.5 hour wait (If anyone can get a message to the folks at Perla's, but the really need to do a more logical seating arrangement on their patio). So the whole family (did I mention this is my in-laws?) is in the car, and we're trying to figure out where to go. I pull out the recommendations, and call Justine's and ask if they can seat 9 people outside in 10 minutes. After a 2 minute hold (which seemed like an eternity) they say yes. We head over there (and the drive east had the family a bit concerned on the slightly questionable neighborhood we drove down), but when we go there and got seated, everyone raved about everything! Everyone had a wonderful time, and the family now wants to add this place to the Austin restaurant rotation!

                    Austin hounders, you guys rock!

            2. I second pgwiz1 on the Paggi House recommendation. Fantastic in every way and very dog friendly.

              Paggi House
              200 Lee Barton Drive, Austin, TX 78704

              1. I was at Justine's tonight and noticed a couple of dogs on the patio.

                1. http://www.grovewinebar.com/home.html
                  The Grove is on Bee Caves Rd, barely west of Loop 360. Awesome outdoor deck under a grove of old oak trees. Dogs are ok on the decks. Excellent food, innovative and tasty pastas, lots of salad choices (steak and gouda is very nice, also ahi tuna, salmon, and chicken caeser. Try a medium rare salmon on the Reed's salad). The tomato shrimp bisque is exceptional. Bruchettas, pizzas, wines and wine flights at good prices. Beer and wine only. Boring old Republicans can even order a steak (with a bad ass peppercorn cream sauce).