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Oct 18, 2010 07:39 AM

Greve restaurant recommendations

We are going to be in Greve for 4 days. We have a lot of day road trips planned but will pretty much end up in Greve around dinner time each night. Been before to Greve and ate at Gallo Nero 2xs. Loved the food, loved the place but want to broaden my horizons with some new places. I realize that Lamole, Panzano are nearby, but really looking for placed in Greve( renting an apartment in Montebeni and considering walking to dinner in town. We need some really good ideas as to where to have dinner. We are all adventerous eaters and like to dine out. Kitchen professionals here and absolutely DO NOT WANT TO COOK on our trip so no recs for market , butcher, etc where I need to cook my own meals please. All recs will be appreciated .

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  1. you probably are aware of these, but you might want to check out the info on the Restaraunt pages. If you click on each there is restaurant specific info including a map

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      Thanks jen kalb. Your guidance is always well recieved and helpful. I will check out the link

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        I wish I had some first hand recommendations but its been too many years since we passed through Chianti- will look forward to your report.

    2. Hey Russ,
      I was in Greve for lunch about a week and ate at a trattoria on one of the side streets. Directions: At the main square, go down the lane at the broad end of the piazza (nearer the statue). I forgot the name of the place, but its on the corner of the lane going up the mountain. Its has an outside area. I got here by asking the local cop for a good place to eat and found it quite good. the wines were great and the waitress did not try to give us the more expensive ones, but rather paired the wine to the course.

      Also, check out the museum of wine while there, they offer free tastings.