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Oct 18, 2010 07:18 AM

Rivet or Rivetless Cookware - What's you fancy....

Love the notion of Riverless cookware. My Demeyre Atlantis is just fine...
Has a 8Qt Sitram handle break on me though.

Just curious what one is the norm for ya'll

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  1. Rivetless. I have one riveted all-clad 8" frypan, which I very rarely use. I *really* dislike rivets.

    I've owned Lagostina (the classic stuff that was sold 20 years ago), Paderno (10+ years old) and a couple of Berndes non-stick frypans.

    In those 20+ years, I've had one welded handle fail -- on the Lagostina steamer insert, which had been dropped one time too many.

    - RIchard

    1. also in the welded camp. rivets don't bother me as much in certain applications like stock pots, but for just about everything else it's welded. recently got a vollrath and update international fry and saute pan respectively, both handles welded and i couldn't be happier. my saucier i specifically made sure had welded handles, the last thing i wanted was the spoon catching on rivets to throw off my rhythm when making risotto.
      one thing i never understood is stainless rivets in non-stick cookware.

      1. I hate rivets but sometimes it comes down to a choice between Rivets/Comfortable Handle and Rivetless/Handle That I Don't Like. In that case the handle becomes the deciding factor and I put up with the rivets. I'm a major fusspot when it comes to my saucepan and skillet handles.

        My cookware is a mix of Scanpan Steel (why oh why did they discontinue that line????!!!), 15-yr-old Scanpan, and believe it or not several pieces of good old 18/10 Farberware Classic. I much prefer stainless, in fact I won't use nonstick except for the Scanpans and to be honest I use those the least. None of them have rivets, although I like the Farberware saucepan handles the least of the three types, I have only 2 of those. The rest of the F-wares are stockpots of various sizes. The F-ware handles weren't deal-killers but I do like the Scanpan handles better.

        The only riveted pan I bought is an 8" Belgique skillet (not the copper bottom) because I really liked the size, weight, and loved the handle. So I put up with the rivets on that one. I hate 99% of the handles on the popular brands (AllClad, Circulon, Cuisinart etc) of skillets and saucepans AND they all seem to have rivets as well. Phooey.

        1. LOL. I LOVE rivets. The more the better. The 12-inch saucepan pictured here has 31 around the bottom, and had another three for the handle. That wasn't enough, so I had a helper handle added, so now there is a total of 38.

          1. I have a very expensive set of skillets that are welded and have discovered the following:
            1. The reason most high-end pans are riveted is because they are stronger.
            2. The handles on the welded pans get hot quickly, even though the pans themselves (being multiple ply) require very low heat.
            3. It is apparently not possible to have a strong welded handle. The handles on these pans are so cheap compared to the handles on my riveted pans that I've decided not to ever get anything that's welded again. I haven't dropped one yet or had one fail, but have been burned enough to not use them much.

            My "set" is made up of All Clad, Marcus, Calphalon, and Sur La Table, all tri-ply, all with riveted handles, and all pretty stellar performers. A toothbrush and Bar Keeper's friend keeps everything clean.