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Oct 18, 2010 06:51 AM

"Cupcake Cafe" recipe wanted

I'm not necessarily a cupcake eater but the "Cupcake Cafe" in NYC has a wonderful tecture to their yellow cupcake (besides the fact that are beautifully decorated). The yellow cake cupcakes have almost a corn muffin texture. I've looked online and have never been able to find a recipe for it so I'm asking you experts if you have an idea as to how to get a finished product that will come close. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Have you tried their (apparently not very good) cookbook?
    You can also find a version of the recipe (that was published in the Globe and Mail newspaper) online here:

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      I appreciate you help with the recipe. Just as I always had an aversion to buying an album (I know I'm dating myself) for 1 song, so do I have an aversion to buying a cookbook for one recipe. Hey.....irecipe, 50 cents per....thanks for the idea!

    2. I can't help with the recipe, but wanted bragging rights to say that Ann Warren did a fantastic tiered strawberry shortcake (the real kind with biscuits) for our wedding, and it was fantastic. No one else would do it for us because it needed to be assembled on-site, but she was willing. We later found out she got her start selling strawberry shortcake at a street fair in the city.

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