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Oct 18, 2010 06:09 AM

Chowhounding the Space Coast

Hey gang,
I'm going to be in town for the shuttle launch. I'm renting a house in Cocoa Beach for a week, so I'm looking for great places to eat, as well as anywhere outstanding to shop for foods.

Any suggestions? (I don't need help finding a place to watch the launch, I have that taken care of.)


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    1. I started the thread that cavandre mentioned. Now that it's been a couple of months since I was there I'll tell you I wish I could go back to River Rocks, Little Phillies, & Brooklyn Pizza. The rest were very good but I'd for sure what to hit those 3. I'm sure I'd hit Long Doggers & Meg O'Malley's next.

      I wished I'd gotten to Pineda Crossing, Fat Snook, & Bizzarro' trip

      Long Doggers
      890 N Miramar Ave, Indialantic, FL 32903

      Fat Snook
      2464 S Atlantic Ave Ste A, Cocoa Beach, FL 32931

      Little Phillies
      190 Highway A1A Ste A, Satellite Beach, FL 32937