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Oct 18, 2010 05:21 AM

Pittsburgh - Ancho chili powder


Been searching for ancho chili powder in Pittsburgh. Can't seem to find it - any suggestions?


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    1. re: Chowrin

      Penzey's ancho powder provides a deep, peppery note to chilis... but if you're in a spicy chili mood, I'd suggest picking up a bit of their chipotle powder as well -- the smoke and heat pair nicely with the depth of the ancho powder.

      If it's your first time to Penzey's, congratulations! It's a fantastic little store with "costco-like" prices for bulk spices (I never buy the jars, myself) -- they're about middle of the road, mostly (cinnamon and black pepper excepted), but that is 1000% better than any grocery store product that sits on the shelves...

    2. Alternatively, you can buy a bag of ancho chiles at Rayna's and make your own. Much more cost effective and tastier.

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      1. re: Panini Guy

        cool - never been to Penzey's. I tend to get lost in Penn Mac, Wholey's and Lotus Foods hahaha. Thanks everyone! :)

        1. re: burghgal

          Oh, you've got to go to Penzey's. Every time we visit Pittsburgh, that's one of our required stops.

          1. re: burghgal

            You should really stop in when you are in the Strip. I buy a chile power that they call Chili 3000, that I really like. It contains ancho chili power.


          2. re: Panini Guy

            what's their price per pound on whole anchos?

            1. re: Chowrin

              I saw online their 1 lb bag is $16.00.

          3. Another vote for Penzey's, ground or whole anchos.
            1729 Penn Ave.


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            1. re: Jay F

              yup I went that Friday and got Ancho chili powder and of course a whole bunch of other spices - great place -- thanks for the recommendations!