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Oct 18, 2010 12:22 AM

desperately searching long lost dessert joint in H.K.

I've been searching for this long lost dessert shop in Hong Kong's Causeway Bay area for years.
Well...I'm not a resident of Hong Kong, and they moved long long time ago.
This little shop was on the corner of Lockhart Rd. and Cannon St., it was decorated mostly in red.
They served hot and cold dessert, one of my favorites are those...snow mushroom sai mai lo.
Does any body know about this joint, and where they might have moved to???

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    1. re: HKTraveler

      HKTraveler, does look like the shop I'm looking for, with the red decor.
      But I still think it was at the corner of Lockhart and Cannon...or they might have moved here ?!
      I'll definitely drop by the next time I am in town.
      Thank you......and I'll let you know and to thank you again.

      1. re: zabai

        By the way...HKTraveler,
        When did you take this picture??

        1. re: zabai

          If its indeed the shop as its in the picture, then there are quite a few ard HK. Its a chain actually, and there is one just across from Sogo in CWB. There are 3 shops in and ard CWB.

          1. Po Hon Building, 24-30 Percival Street, Shop 26, G

          2. Yee Wo Street, Ground Floor, Shop 3, 2-6

          3. 2 Russell Street, Causeway Bay Plaza, 2000 Shop 5-6, G

          The outlet at Wan Chai is at 151 Hennessy Road.

          1. re: Kiedis

            I'll check on them when I'm in town. It' not far from I usually stay, the Lanson Place.