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Oct 17, 2010 11:54 PM

Good Thai food in the Marais?

I am in Paris now (Yay!!) with husband and two daughters. Staying the first week in the Marais. Girls have expressed a desire for Thai food one night, preferably in the Maris due to one daughters school schedule and our plans that day. We walked by a couple last night but can't remember their names and of course we feel better have some solid recommendations from the experts.

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  1. Just don't bother. A 15-minute metro ride from either Pont-Marie or Sully-Morland station to Tolbiac will lead you to Lao Thai on rue de Tolbiac, where decent (sometimes very decent) Thai/Isan/Lao food can be had. Paris is all about short rides.

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      Or Sukothai, my fav Thai by and large. (Métro Place d'Italie)

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        Second the vote for Sukothai - but it is tiny, tiny - reservations are a must. Really worth the trip out to Place d'Italie. Have not been there in years, but still have very fond memories.

    2. yes to Tolbiac, though my fav there is Rouammit and it's sister/attached restaurant next door...