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Oct 17, 2010 11:06 PM

do an obsessive video on beer!

Obsessives is one of my favorite video series from chow and you guys have done it on everything from wine, sake, absinthe to tea but no beer :(. Beer is such a beautiful, gorgeous thing and there are so many talented microbrewers. I really wish you could do a feature on one of them! There's so many in the Napa valley too! lagunitas and russian river (i did see the Perfect video and loved it). you guys should do it!

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    1. Hey digkv, Thanks for the compliment, and the suggestion! Do you have anyone in mind in particular? One of my hesitations is that beer is such a huge topic that it's really important to find the right person, who is not only knowledgeable and articulate, but a bit of a character too, and who is willing to share their meticulous love of their craft on camera. That's a hard combo to find!

      Meredith of CHOW

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        thank you for the reply Meredith!

        Well, I may be biased but my favorite brewer is a local one. Here in Orange County, we have what I consider the best Belgian style brewer, Patrick Rue of the Bruery. Their beers have actually been getting a lot of wins lately, like their wonderful Flemish Red, Oude Tart just won gold at the Great American Beer Festival. I really do just love their beers so much, they are extremely playful with their use of yeast and innovative ingredients.

        I guess up in NorCal more there are many fine brewers too. Lagunitas is quite delicious and located in Petaluma, you've already featured Russian River, who has some of the best beers in the world and that's all I can think of right now haha.

        I really do hope you guys do a video soon. I just love seeing obsessives, it's so great to see someone who has such a passion for their craft, show it on camera.

        1. re: mudaba

          How about Garret Oliver from Brooklyn Brewery? I don't think I'd call him a character, but I've seen him on tv a few times and he seems very comfortable on camera.