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Oct 17, 2010 10:54 PM

Meat and Potatoes

This show is unwatchable due to the host. How could he have tested well with anyone? I am way off on this? He is unbearable to me

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  1. I agree. I watched the episode that included the burger at The Westport Flea because I am such a fan of that burger. He was so annoying though that I am not tempted to watch any others in the series. I assume he won some sort of contest to get this show but if he was the winner, I'm glad I missed the other competitors.

    1. The show has veered already into Man vs Food territory.

      The episode I tried to watch featured a TEN pound burger challenge. I'm a burger fan but That's a waste of good beef. Soared past 'beached whale' into 'where do I hurl?' :-\.

      FN - there's no demographic like the 18-35 bubba/bubbette demographic ...

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        You're right about it being a matter of demographics; just look at Fieri. I'm surprised the various places let him in the kitchen wearing thongs or flip-flops(whatever they're called).

      2. I've only watched one episode, the one where they featured Westport Flea Market in KC.

        I didn't think the host was all that bad. More tolerable than Guy Fieri with all the canned one liners over and over again. Seems low budget and low key and not all hyped up. A nice change of pace.

        The pastrami in NYC looked really good. I'll check it out again. I can do with out watching him attempt to chow down on a 10lb buger however.