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Oct 17, 2010 09:01 PM

November 2010 Cookbook of the Month: World of Food & Cooking of the Southwest France, Paula Wolfert

The winner(s) of the November 2010 Cookbook of the Month is the WORLD OF FOOD & THE COOKING OF SOUTHWEST FRANCE by Paula Wolfert.

This thread will be a place to discuss ingredients, techniques and the book in general. On November 1st, the recipe threads for these two cookbooks will be posted. Please wait to post your reviews until those threads are up so that we have them nicely organized going forward.

For our new members, reviewing a recipe is easy. Locate the best thread for your dish, post the name of the recipe and page number, and then review away!

Some of the questions you might answer include: Did it come out well? Did you modify the ingredients? Was the seasoning good or did you need less/more? How did your family like it? Would you make it again? Is this a quick weekday or a company is coming recipe? Did your kid(s) like it? And bonus points for photos.


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  1. Can't find World of Food from a UK supplier so I would have to have it shipped from the US. There are several very cheap copies on Amazon but I'm wondering if it's worth it. Could someone who has the book give me a few more details please. Oakjoan, I'm talking to you....

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      Hi GG.. Here's Oakjoan's list of favorite PW recipes from World of Food, and other books, from a 2007 thread:

      It's the first of her listing.

      1. re: Gio

        Here's a more recently listing of oakjoan's favorites from just WOF.


    2. I just ordered World of Food from for under $4 including shipping! GG, did you try there?

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        Yes - all the copies are in the US so they'd have to be shipped from there. Not terribly expensive though.

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          Hi gg,

          I'll paste a link to EYB below where you can take a look at the book index and see if anything appeals if you think that might help.

          I did this, found a number of recipes I imagined we'd like and decided to order (from Abe's) I'm really glad I did.

          What I especially like about this book are the stories that accompany the recipes, I'm really enjoying learning about the origins of the dishes Wolfert presents. Her stories are insightful, in some cases funny and always entertaining. I also appreciate her "Notes to the cook" where she includes tips, suggestions, substitutions and suggestions for alternative ingredients.

          Here's the link to EYB:

        2. re: roxlet

          I did too... Looks like I'll be in the fray again after basically taking a month off.

        3. Paula Wolfert does have a website, though it has not been updated recently. There are a few recipes, but no indication of which book they first appeared in.

 She is also on twitter @soumak

          1. I own The Cooking of South-West France (quite unused from the look of it) and have just ordered a bargain used copy of The World of Food from amazon, so I'm all set and raring to go. The kids have had their month of regular food from the Barefoot Contessa so in November it's back to more exotic food - yipee!

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              DO be aware that there are two versions of Southwest France - the original version from the 80s and an updated version put out in 2005 with additional/revised recipes. Either one would be good Im sure (I own both), but the new one would probably be the one to target.

            2. I noticed on P. Wolfert's website that her "...World of Food" has been renamed
              "Mostly Mediterranean".