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Oct 17, 2010 08:52 PM

$$$ non-byo in Center City suggestions?

I spend my money mostly on the BYO circuit, but have been asked to spend someone else's on a non-byo in CenterCity. Do you have any suggestions for a good $$$ place that is quiet on a midweek evening and that has a good selection for the odd vegetarian and for those who wish for options outside a big steakhouse or a S Starr place? Thank you!

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  1. I would go to Sampan on 13th St. Cool atmosphere, asian inspired small plates, and something for the odd vegetarian. BTW hope you are not suggesting that vegetarians are odd, LOL

    1. Vetri

      1. slightly out of CC I'd say James on 8th street in Bella Vista

        1. Unless you can get into Vetri, I would go with one of the hotels.
          LaCroix or the Fountain are always good. Haven't been to IX for a while.
          Estia can get very noisy, and Tinto can be a bit cramped.

          1. LaCroix Chef's table. You sit in the kitchen. Big bucks, great wine and very special attention if you can snag a reservation.