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Oct 17, 2010 07:59 PM

Burlington Tomorr and Tues nights: HELP! tkln et al!

we are in burl. for our annual fall paradise trip;seeking a mon. and tues.night night spot. Green Room was great for a few yrs but disapp. last yr; menu had not changed for the better. (previously LOVED his way with latin and asian influences; is he maybe refreshed lately?)

tkln, you recommended santos and solstice in stowe- plse elaborate! i have read so many bad things about the service at santos cocina... do you really like it there? i am wicked picky about mexican food(30 yrs as a chef) and i totally avoid bad service. we ate at church and main tonight(good;will do full report later).

bluebird is closed tomorr . not impressed by hen the times we've been there; same w/ kitchen table last yr; belted cow same (did it survive? is it still there?)delia's no because we have plenty of exc italian in boston.michael's on the hill too exp. undecided about the burgers and charcuterie place off church....; maybe for lunch....

we are complete penny cluse addicts- cilantro salad, huevos rancheros, chiles rellenos... but dinner not an option there!

we had some v good food at drunken noodle last yr; contemplating a return. VT CHs- would love to hear your thoughts.thanks much.

thanks much for your help.

Green Room
86 Saint Paul St Ste 2, Burlington, VT 05401

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  1. Honestly, you don't like the places that I consider superior. I doubt my opinion counts for much.

    Have you tried Single Pebble? Sadie Katz deli? Souza's? How about that bbq place, I think it's Big Fatty's...

    1. I've eaten at Solstice once, it was during Memorial Day weekend. Ie, not the most 'high' season for Stowe. We found the service to be great there, and the food was wonderful too. My mom had the tasting menu, if I remember correctly...there was a quail appetizer with wild blueberries that was fantastic. I don't remember exactly what I had, lol, but I do remember it was quite good.

      I've read the bad service reviews about Santos, and I have to say I have not experienced that. However, the first time I went was in May, and quite early, around 6pm, and the second time I went was in August, and I think it was a Thursday night. It was crowded the second time, but we had great service and the food was wonderful.

      I'm not sure I would qualify Santos as Mexican, I think it's more of a generalized Latin cuisine, but I'm not a chef so don't take my word for it! It doesn't help that they don't have a website with their menu (if they do now I haven't seen it) but everything we've had there has been very good.

      I will also say that we are huge fans of hole in the wall, cheap finds with great food, and while we expect great service at higher end establishments, we are fairly easy going, so our bar might be set a bit lower than yours...