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Oct 17, 2010 07:09 PM

Drinks near Financial District?

Any suggestions for a place for drinks (3 adults) in/near Financial District area? My girlfriend suggested The Kitchen Bar and Girl (Broad St) and another friend suggested Les Halles (John St). I am not sure about either and would greatly welcome suggestions. Thank you

Les Halles
15 John Street, New York, NY 10038

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  1. What sort of place are you looking for? Beer, wine, cocktails?

    I would recommend checking out Stone Street -- there is a bit of everything, granted that the days of enjoying a drink outside seem to be over. If you like wine, I enjoy Vintry Wine & Whiskey 57 on Stone Street.

    If you're looking for standard cocktails (with the caveat that I haven't been for drinks), you may want to check out the BLT Bar & Grill in the W Hotel on Albany st. and Washington. It seems quite busy.

    Vintry Wine & Whiskey
    57 Stone St, New York, NY 10004

    BLT Bar & Grill
    123 Washington St, New York, NY 10006

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      Vintry is a nice spot but can be deafeningly loud, just fyi. If you're open to wandering up to Front Street, I really love Bin 220, which specializes in wine but also has cocktails (also some delicious meats & cheeses if you want a snack). The scene tends to be mellower than Stone Street.

    2. Agree with the above posts: Stone Street gives you multiple options, but they are mostly saloons (which I happen to LOVE) that may not be appropriate for your occasion. So, here are some places where older folks go (note, I did not say adults: After a day of trading, many people keep in their adolescent mode; you did not give us a time, but all of these get a bit pushy and shovey > the market close). So (in no order), 1) Harry's, the iconic WS bar at 1 Hannover. 2) Wall & Water (same address), new, very sedate, more upscale; 3) Bobby Vann's, (25 Broad @ Exchange) and Capital Grille (Pine & Nassau) both outposts of chains, but v good for the local environment. Staromarvo's idea of Front St is a good one and I would add Nelson Blue to the list. Please report back and tell us how it all works out.

      Nelson Blue
      233 Front St, New York, NY 10038

      Wall & Water
      75 Wall St, New York, NY 10005

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      1. re: Upperwestsider

        Hi Thanks again for all the suggestions. We wound up at the Last Shilling which was not very good and a bad choice. Thank you again.