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Oct 17, 2010 05:32 PM

Local Bottled Water Question

Thanks to the Hounds here on the Philadelphia Board, I have a list of restaurants to try (or avoid) over the next few days while in the area, on business. I'm looking forward to trying the food here...including the cheesesteak. A couple places in Chicago, operated by former Philadelphians, claim their cheesesteak is just the same as in Philadelphia...we'll just have to see about that!

Along with my food exploring, I'm trying to buy bottled water for my daughter's collection. The bottles need to be plastic (for safety) and sized around 16.9 fluid ounces, or so. She has just over 250 different water bottles in her collection and, with most of the national labels already accounted for, I'm trying to find regional and/or private labeled bottles.

Since stopping at every eatery I pass and asking if they sell their own "brand" of bottled water is an impossibility, I'm hoping you can help. If you can think of a restaurant that sells it's own privately labeled water, and is in the same general area as the Four Seasons Hotel at One Logan Square (I won't have a car), I'd appreciate knowing about it. Google already led me to the Water Works Restaurant web site. Great selection of water, but the prices! I'd rather find a six-pack or a case at a grocery, drug or liquor store and keep one bottle for my daughter and give away the rest to whoever is leaving the store and wants it for free.

As you can guess from the paragraph above, the water doesn't have to have a restaurant's name on it. Regional waters sold in retail stores and other non-restaurant related waters are also fair game.



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  1. Rosenberger's Diaries have bottled spring water, I see them in our convenience stores in the 'burbs all the time

    1. I think Wawa, a local 24-hour convenience store, sells their own labeled water. Wawa is a Phila-area institution so this would be a nice pickup if I'm right. They have a store at 17th & Arch which is very close to your hotel.

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      1. re: barryg

        Wawa DOES have it's own brand. i had a bottle the other day!

        1. re: Prettypoodle

          Nice. Pickup some peanut chews and Tastykakes while there to complete the experience.

      2. Wissahickon sounds like it should be solely a local brand.

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          If you want to get her truly local water, you should try to get a bottle of "Philly Tap." For a while, the Philadelphia Water Department was handing out bottled Philly tap water as a promotional item at events. I don't know if it is still available, but you could try calling someone in Public Affairs with the Water Department or e-mail someone at the Waterworks Interpretive Center:

          1. re: Hansel

            Philly Tap (a.k.a. Schuylkill Punch). Promotional item for what?

            1. re: Chefpaulo

              Believe it or not, promoting awareness of where your water comes from! PWD sometimes has booths at eco-fairs, the Flower Show, and other community events including an annual fishing festival on the Schuylkill for kids. The funny thing is, you can't just bottle tap water, so they had to send the tap water to a bottling plant in the burbs where it received extra treatment. (not that Schuykill Punch needs it!)

        2. Hi again, Philly Hounds,

          I got back to Chicago about an hour ago but wanted to write this "thank you" before it slipped my mind.

          First of all, my comments on the cheesesteak comparison. As I mentioned, a couple of Chicago food places set themselves up as rivals to what can be eaten in their former home town. One of them, named "Philly's Best" says:

          "Authentic Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich - not a Chicago imitation. Our meat is brought to us
          directly from Philadelphia to assure its authenticity. Thinly sliced and grilled to perfection with melted cheese and onions."

          The bottom line is that you folks have nothing to fear from Chicago competition. Whether it's the ingredients, the ambiance or the ???...the cheesesteaks are better in their natural habitat...Philadelphia.

          As far as the bottled water is concerned, thanks for your suggestions. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to track down the Rosenberger's Diaries or the Wissahickon bottled waters. And, following up on Hansel's suggestion, I called the Waterworks Interpretive Center...but they told me the Philly Tap bottled water is no longer available.

          I did get the Wawa labeled water (thanks for the lead) and several others. The Four Seasons was providing the food and beverage service for the convention I was attending and the water they provided was called "True", one that was not yet in my daughter's collection. I also attended a function at the Union League Club and picked up a bottle of their private label Union League water.

          Finally, a stop at the Comcast Building's food court yielded two more bottles: "Vintage" and "DiBruno Bros.", DiBruno had the nicest bottle/label design of the five bottles I found.

          So, you all have my thanks...and that of my daughter, when I give her the bottles, tomorrow.