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Oct 17, 2010 05:18 PM

one night on my own in downtown Austin

Coming to town for a wedding and the whole weekend is booked. We have Thursday to ourselves and we'd like to have a mid-priced meal ($50-$75 for 2 without drinks) in downtown and a bar for music (rock) and dancing. Suggestions?

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  1. Did you try doing a search for the word "downtown"? Here's a link to the results:
    Aside from "what's the best barbecue?", "where can I eat downtown?" is probably the most common question on this board.
    Enjoy your stay!

    1. One option is to eat on South Congress then go to the Continental Club. There are several restaurants you can go to and walk to the Continental. If you aren't including drinks, all of them are in the price range. Vespaio, South Congress Cafe, and Perla are all good. You can easily walk from downtown, or take a taxi (not more than $5 or $10)..

      1610 S Congress Ave, Austin, TX 78704

      1. oh instead of a taxi definitely take a pedi cab. its a little more expensive but the weather is nice and its just so much more fun

        1. I know I'm late chiming in, but I just returned from my first trip to Austin. If I only had one night, I would stay at Hotel San Jose, I would catch the 6:30 show at the Continental Club, then I would eat at one of the follwing: Perla's for seafood, Bottecilli's for Italian (closet to Continental Club--just 2 doors up), South Congress Cafe, or Vespicio's (most far away, but still close). All of these are excellent. I would then return to the Continental Club for more music and dancing and stumble across the street to my comfy and trendy hotel (San Jose). I would have breakfast/brunch at South Congress Cafe the next morning for sure!