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Oct 17, 2010 03:18 PM

Dublin - vegetarian friendly suggestions

I'm going to be in Dublin for 4 days next week, and I'm looking for a few good, mid-priced and/or inexpensive restaurant options with good vegetarian options. I'm also going to be there for my birthday, so a few nicer recommendations would be great as well.

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  1. Denis Cotter of the all-vegetarian Cafe Paradiso in Cork provides the veggie options for Dillingers in Ranelagh(near the centre of Dublin) so that has to be a must. Also, for the special night out you can't beat Pearl Brasserie and their excellent vegetarian options.

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    1. also, cornucopia on wicklow st. is well known for vegetarian and vegan food.

      also, also the Avoca cafe on suffolk st. has veggie great tarts and salads. both are casual dining.

      1. It might be worth a lunch special at one of the Michelin-level restaurants around town. If you go to Thornton's for their lunch deal, for example, and tell them you're looking for a vegetarian option, they'll generally end up cooking something off the a la carte for lunch special prices. Basically what I'm saying is, don't let the advertised menus put you off in the better places.

        Oh, and I second Pearl.

        1. I just got back a few days ago, and had a fantastic trip that included some wonderful food.

          For my birthday, we went to Pearl Brasserie - which was excellent! We were completely underdressed, but it seemed to be fine. I had a dish with egg confit and polenta that was wonderful. My partner had pheasant that he quite liked.

          In Dublin, we also had some good meals at Gruel, Honest to Goodness Sandwich shop, and 101 Talbot.

          In Galway, my partner really enjoyed the fish and chips at McDonough's and we both loved the cheese plate, wine, and atmosphere at Sheridan's cheese shop.

          In the Aran Islands, we had a simple, amazing meal at the Man of Aran B&B with vegetables directly from the owner's garden.