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Oct 17, 2010 02:48 PM

thanksgiving dinner

comeing to seattle for Thanksgiving with my wife and 6&7 year old girls. Looking for something like home for our Thanksgiving day meal. thanks for your help.

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  1. thanksgiving may be the worst day of the year to go out for dinner (although mothers' day and valentine's day are close) since the kitchen is stretching itself serving non-standard food to non-standard crowds. that being said, if you must go out for a "traditional" dinner, this is a good time to patronize buffets at upscale hotels as they can generally handle the menus and crowds better than a standard venue.

    1. yeah i'm thinking something like the georgian room would be a good place.

      1. Sazerac at the Hotel Monaco should put their own spin on Thanksgiving. (Don't miss their Bloody Mary's.) Or you could go total Chowhound and hit to the International District for Szechuan Crab with a plethora of Tsing Tao beer. (Give the kids chopsticks and hand-cut noodles and they will stay busy forever.)

        1. I have not actually been, but the Thanksgiving buffet at Kaspar's in Lower Queen Anne is supposed to be excellent.

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            I'll done Kaspar's Thanksgiving buffet every year for the past five years. It has always been very good, with a great variety of tasty dishes, as well as many different deserts.

          2. Ray's Boathouse has a family Thanksgiving sit down and Ray's Cafe has a Thanksgiving buffet. I would be more inclined to do the buffet upstairs.

            Ray's Boathouse Restaurant
            6049 Seaview Ave., Seattle, WA 98107

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              The Thanksgiving buffet at Ray's Cafe is pretty good, but very chaotic. The food was good, but not great. They did have some innovative dishes in addition to the old standbys.

              I prefer the Georgian for Thanksgiving. The combination of buffet for starters/dessert with plated choices for dinner is nice and it is much calmer. They seem to treat kids very well there and last year when my husband got ill during dinner (not their fault) they were very gracious and packaged up the meal nicely and sent it home with him. It is a lot more expensive than other places, but if that is what you are after it is worth it.