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Oct 17, 2010 02:29 PM

Madison, WI. Any foodie souvenirs?

Husband is there now and I want him to bring me back some regional treats. Anything special from there that I can't get here in San Diego? No I don't want cheese curds. Any great condiments, local candy/chocolates, snacks, etc that he could take back on the plane so I can have a taste of the region? No time to travel outside of Madison so he's got to be able to find it in the general area.

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  1. How long is he in Madison? If he can he should get to the farmer's market. Great array of local products along with all the other wonderful farmers markets find.
    There's always the National Mustard Museum.....

    1. What about artisan cheeses (not curds)? Pleasant Ridge Reserve is one of the best cheeses I've tasted and you can get it at Fromagination, etc.

      12 S Carroll St, Madison, WI

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        Should have thought to ask sooner because he's been there a week, but leaves tomorrow night. Don't need produce, we have many farmers markets here, but will tell him about the cheese. Thanks. Any artisan chocolatiers or local condiments, sauces, etc?

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          Deppler's Baby Swiss. It's a Swiss that's so tasty you have to hide it so your other half doesn't wolf the whole thing in the middle of the night.

          and don't forget the Cow Pies and Badger Paws from the Baraboo Candy Company. Silly and touristy, but pretty tasty.

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          +1 on Fromagination...Carr Valley's aged cheddar (10 year) will blow your mind.

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            2nd Carr Valley; and I'd add Marieske's Gouda (available all over:, and maybe the Dunbarton Blue ( one of my favorite blues)

        3. Cow Pies and Badger Paws, oh my! Too late to ask for those mysteries, but there's some cheese on it's way. Thanks everyone.

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            Happy chowing. We'll think of you while we're freezing our curds off!

          2. Probably too late, but when visiting there I really LOVED cheese and caramel popcorn - yes, mixed together, delicious salty and sweet. Found sold in a few stores along State street.