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Oct 17, 2010 02:19 PM

Farmers Market in/near Anna Maria

One of the only things we liked about Sanibel was the excellent Farmers' Market. We have decided to vacation again in Anna MAria instead but when we were last there 5 years ago the food scene was not great, especially for shopping for vegetables and fruit. Is there perhaps a farmers market we did not find, or is new? Or any other great places to buy food to cook in our house?

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  1. There is a farmers market at the Red Barn flea market in Bradenton on weekends. I like the small farmers market in Palmetto on 301, about 1/3 mile before I-75, although you may not want to drive that far.
    For fresh fish, Star Fish and A.P. Bell are a must, in Cortez Village just across the bridge from AMI.

    1. try Geraldson's on 17th off of 75th in Bradenton.they are a local farmer plus buy from other farmers
      or go to connies on cortea ave in Cortez all local fresh veggies

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        Thank you, what's your favorite bakery around there?

      2. While it's a bit of a drive, I highly recommend the Saturday Morning Market in downtown St. Pete. It's one of the biggest markets in the Southeast. There are at least two local farms that sell fresh-picked organic produce. You'll also find fresh fish, meats, cheeses, baked goods, citrus, and a variety of other food products made locally. Add interesting crafts, some good food vendors and live music, and you have a festive market that's a destination in and of itself. I make the 30-minute drive (from Clearwater) at least twice a month during the season.

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          Sounds wonderful,Laurie but we have only a week, Sat to Sat.