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Oct 17, 2010 01:41 PM

Chutney Mary - worth the trip?

I've heard good things about Chutney Mary, but it seems sort of out of the way - is it worth the extra journey? Loved Noor Jahan last time I was in town.

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  1. oc - i've not done mary, but have sampled veeraswamy and amaya, both owned by the same group. the food was great, so can only assume the same of mary.

    that being said, the chef who used to work at mary has since set up on his own and become a massive hit with chowhounders at his chiswick, and now barnes venues, zing and zilla respectively. if you're prepared to travel for good indian they may also be worth considering. i'm sure their will be other members who can, and hopefully will, expand further on this issue though...