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Oct 17, 2010 01:18 PM


What a let down.

Went for an anniversary dinner. Reservation for 8pm Saturday. Got sat directly next to someone with little kids. Not a great start.

Then, we never actually got a waiter. I don't know if they normally approach their service in the group grope fashion or if its generally a more traditional service, but last night there was none.

Rather than subject y'all to the blow by blow i'll just say that for a $250 dinner I'd spend my money elsewhere. The free french fries were good but hardly worth the trouble.

The sommelier, Mark, was the only professional we came in contact with all night. He even took an order for one of our courses and did his best with trying to describe the fish of the day when he saw what a disaster things were becoming. If not for his going above and beyond I'm not sure we wouldn't have made a scene.

The food was solid, but I think in a more casual environment it would be enjoyed more. The highlights were the french fries and the seared crust on the red snapper. The lamb was medium rare as ordered.

Luckily, Austin has options for fine dining now. For $125 dollars a head you can be treated like royalty just about anywhere else in town.

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  1. I've had similar problems with Trio. Gorgeous setting, lots of beautiful people. Lackadaisical service that ran the gamut from terrible to outright rude. And the chef that night had a very heavy hand with maple syrup and brown sugar over everything. Great food for drinking coca cola, but did not match at all with the wines available. Sit outside if the weather is good, watch the bats fly out from under the Congress Street Bridge, drink a beer or a martini. But don't eat here!

    1. While we have not been to Trio in a few months, we have been numerous times in the last few years and never a problem with the service--the waiters are usually the same time after time and are solid. And the is excellent but certainly pricey. I can't imagine it consistently slipping, hopefully just a fluke.

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      1. re: Carter B.

        It used to be that Happy Hour was in the upstairs lounge and downstairs (TRIO) was for dining. There's still a Happy Hour upstairs, but the TRIO bar has become a draw for a Happy Hour crowd. Thus, indoors becomes impossible; really high noise level, and servers running ragged trying to keep up.

        So, during Happy Hour period, which seems to be 4-9pm, go outside to the patio. There it's quiet, pleasant, and there are numerous servers to cater to you. All in all a wonderful experience.

        If you can only dine in the 4-9pm ranger and must be indoors go someplace else.

        1. re: thebodytx

          I think you are probably right.

          In retrospect, the food really was pretty good. hate that it was marred by the lousy service.

      2. The original comment has been removed