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Oct 17, 2010 11:02 AM

Where to find square cupcakes

I remember having these "square cupcakes" in grammar school. They were like a yellow cake with a thin sugar glaze on top. Later, we used to have them at business meetings along with doughnuts/pastries. I'm not sure if they're called a "tea cake"? Does anyone know where I might find them in the Pasadena/Alhambra/SGV area? Thanks.

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  1. Not in the SGV area.

    I've only seen square cupcakes in San Diego at Cupcakes Squared.

    Good luck.

    1. If you are talking about tea cakes, like the old Helms Bakery made, Martinos in Burbank used to make them for Helms. Martino's has 4 or 5 types of square tea cakes, they might also make square cupcakes if you ask.

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        I'm looking for the tea cakes like Helms Bakery made so I'll be making a trip over to Martinos. I grew up in Montebello where there was a Helms Bakery plant. The Helmsman used to stop by our house a couple of times a week. I remember he'd open up the back of the truck and pull out drawers of doughnuts, pies, pastries, etc.

        The Helms Bakery became an Orowheat Bakery which is closing down soon and moving the plant to Canada. At least Broquieres Dairy is still open in Montebello.

      2. Grace's Pastries carried tea cakes, but Grace's faded away along with the bell-bottoms (at least the first iteration). Angel Maid Bakery in Mar Vista used to regularly have these, but I don't recall recently seeing them. You could try calling though...

        Angel Maid Bakery
        4538 S Centinela Ave, Los Angeles, CA

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        1. re: bulavinaka

          I was in Angel Maid today (March 20, 2013) and at 3 pm it was pretty cleaned out in the section with muffins, pies, etc. There was one lone tea cake still in the display case whose identity I confirmed with the counter girl. I'd say call ahead and find out when and if they'll hold some for you if any of you are looking for said pastry.

        2. Tea Cakes try United Bakery.
          Owner Dan used to work for Martino's and opened United Bakery, same recipe.
          Wholesale bakery opened to the public and cheaper than Martino's.

          727 South Flower Street Burbank, California 91502
          (818) 843-1892

          1. The recipe for Grace Pastries Danish Tea Cakes was just posted to the Home Cooking board,