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Oct 17, 2010 08:54 AM

Visiting Ft. Lauderdale and need suggestions for Thanksgiving dinner and other nights too

My family and I are visiting the Ft. Lauderdale area over Thanksgiving from the metro NYC area (Thursday- Monday). We would like some recommendations as where we could enjoy a great Thanksgiving dinner, with out spending over $80 pp. We all enjoy food and wine and I was a Chef at one time.

We are open to suggestions from Miami to Boca, and do not necessarily need to have turkey….for example we might enjoy a great Cuban repast or other “ethnic” choices. Thanks in advance and Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

BTW, other restaurant recommendations are welcomed for the other days we are visiting too.

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  1. Cafe La Buca in Pompano. Small, so you'll want a reservation pretty far in advance if its a good sized group.

    Only a few tables, run by a family from Naples (italy, not florida). Not really a set menu, but more of a "heres what i have tonight, what do you like?". excellent stuff. housemade pastas for the dishes.

    1. Theres a Thai resturant in north miami beach called Panya. Its extremely good!! Dont get spicy because its SPICY!! I usually get medium. Its the best Thai food ive ever had