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Oct 17, 2010 08:11 AM

Fresh, seasonal catering for a wedding - Williamsport

I'm getting married near Williamsport, PA next summer (2011), and I'm looking for a caterer that uses fresh, seasonal ingredients and offers a creative menu beyond the standard wedding fare (ie. bacon-wrapped scallops). I'm having an outdoor wedding, and I'd love to have a simple picnic/barbecue with really great food.
Thanks so much for your suggestions!

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  1. Which direction "near Williamsport", north, south, east or west side?

    How many people and will there be facilities on-site?

    I worked in Williamsport for a couple of years and attended a number of catered weddings and corporate events. I still get back to the area for weddings and family functions.

    Are you thinking of a true picnic like BBQ chicken or a beef/pig roast?

    Or are you looking for a more formal catering that can handle an outdoor reception?

    I ask because I can think of several caters that do very good "picnic" events with the basic roasted meats, traditional sides and such but likely would not be a good choice if you wanted higher end food.

    You might want to check on Penn College's culinary program. They may do off-site catering.

    There is an Italian restaurant that does very good catering. I have been to several events where they provided the food. The appetizers were particularly memorable. I need to ask my husband for the name.

    Depending on actual location, I can offer some names of catering companies that would likely travel to the southern/eastern end of the Williamsport market.

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      The Italian restaurant you're probably thinking of is DiSalvo's, on Fourth Street.

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        I'd recommend DiSalvo's, Tony's Delicatessen (depending on how informal you intend), 33 East (Chef Kevin Nash is very talented if you're interested in more refined cuisine). Call Barrel 135, they may do off-site events too. They've got a great small plates menu. Also, The Herdic House is another option and I agree with cleobeach, a call to Penn College is worthwhile. Steer clear of David Miele catering.

        Orlie's in Muncy has great Italian fare and may do catering too.

        Congrats and good luck!

        33 East
        33 E 3rd St, Williamsport, PA 17701

        Barrel 135
        135 W 3rd St, Williamsport, PA 17701