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Oct 17, 2010 07:52 AM

Smoke this rib

Late notice but apparently there is a small rib fest happening today in East Cambridge I think Atwoods and Ecg have tables too. smells good over here you should come check it out.

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  1. I just got back from there and tried all of the ribs. I liked Hungry Mother's "rib" sandwich the best. I still miss Unle Pete's and have been searching for something comparable but haven't found it yet.

    Hungry Mother
    Cambridge, MA, Cambridge, MA

    1. I was there too but had to leave before they announced the winner. Does anyone know who won?

      1. We went and got more food than anyone could eat, we thought ahead and brought a backpack and some containers, so we have BBQ for the week.
        ECG was pretty good, even better when you blagged some inner beauty BBQ sauce. East side did some tasty ribs as did Pugs surprisingly.
        ad in the proof folks have different opinions I couldn't even start the Hungry Mother's "rib" sandwich as I found it so awful.

        Hungry Mother
        Cambridge, MA, Cambridge, MA

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        1. re: Janeinma

          I agree, I love HM and their rib sandwich was just bad, the rib was dried out bits and there was a mayonnaise based sauce which is really the last thing you want to put on a rib!

          1. re: shellicopter

            I really liked the HM sandwich. I asked for it with very little sauce and the meat was nice and moist.

        2. I had dinner at ECG last night. Arthur told me that East Side Bar & Grille won, but he attributed it not to the quality of their food, but rather that they had won the crowd over with a showy display including a portable smoke and free t-shirts!

          BTW, last night ECG was featuring a special of some beautiful hot peppers that Chris Schlesinger had grown in his garden, grilled with olive oil and salt. I ordered some and used them to top my burnt ends sandwich. Delicious!

          1. Maybe I'm just bitter, but I didn't love the fact that I showed up exactly when it started and was told all the tickets were sold out. So I was only able to try ribs from two places, and a bunch of booths didn't have any barbecue items for sale.

            I think in general most outdoor festivals like this have a hard time dealing with the crowds the right way. The ribfest certainly did not change my mind, as I think they should have saved some of the tickets to be sold at the event.

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            1. re: nickls

              I read on their website that they were sold out the day before.