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Oct 17, 2010 07:39 AM

Searching for Vietnamese Dalat and Weasel coffees in US

Hi all,

We were recently in Hanoi, Vietnam and had the good fortune to purchase some amazing Weasel and Dalat coffee beans there. Naturally, in a little more than two months, we're all out of the Dalat and making our way through the Weasel brand but quick. In emailing back and forth with the the proprietor of the shop in Hanoi (Tour Cafe at 103 Hang Buom, for anyone who's interested), I discovered that the delivery fee from there is pretty expensive. So, yeah, hindsight is 20-20: we should have bought more when there. Next time in Hanoi, we'll buy a small truck full.

This is incredible, bold and flavorful coffee, though - especially the Dalat - the wife and I are developing a borderline dangerous dependency. We're seeing Weasel poop around every corner and are mouthing the words, "Dalat" in our otherwise deprived sleep.

Anyone know of a vendor that has these coffees Stateside? I've done a google search, which, so far, has only yielded links to Vietnam blogs, vendors, etc. I realize that the Weasel brand is made in other parts of Southeast Asia, such as Indonesia, so I'm not going to limit my search to Vietnam here.

Any info, web links and so on, would be much appreciated.


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  1. Are you looking for authentic Weasel coffee???? If so I doubt if you will find here , unless you want to pay 1000/lb. All over Hanoi and Saigon you can buy coffee called Weasel which iis nothing more then good Viet coffee. A very decent brand of Viet coffee is Trung Nguyen. You can usually find in southeast asian stores or Amazon.
    Weasel coffee has a very small yearly production and is extremely expensive in VN.
    Im not familiar with Dalat........ except there is an area called Da Lat , so I assume it is coffee from there??

    1. If you google "kopi luwak" you'll find links to several online vendors... of course, you never know what you're really getting.

      I could SWEAR I saw it in Toronto last year for some outrageous price, but I can't for the life of me remember where.

      1. Thanks to both of you for the replies and info. Valuable stuff.

        1. If you ever make it up to Boston, there is an importer Heirloom Coffee in an office park about 15 minutes from public transportation (and 20 from the airport by car). They used to go to some local farmer's markets, but I think mostly they are selling online now using a number of site name. May not be exactly what you were looking for, but they had more variety than local markets. I don't have any experience with their online services, but they seemed to be nice folks.

          1. I am an importer of authentic weasel, "weasel blend" , and dalat coffees. I agree that heirloom coffees in MA is a great source. I am just starting my own brand and bringing it here to the US. Please check out our website at

            I have visited hanoi several times now and i agree I am just blown away by the complex yet smooth flavor of these coffees!

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              I love this online Vietnamese coffee company. Their G7 instant is really great but all of the coffees and products I have ordered or ordered as gifts have been terrific and they have a free sample program for newcomers.