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Oct 17, 2010 07:10 AM

Under the Oak Cafe, has anyone been?

I have started shopping at the Weaver's Way Food Coop where they sell a lot of locally made food. I picked up some brownies for a dinner party that were made by Under the Oak cafe. These were the absolute best brownies I have ever eaten. They were fudgy, dark chocolate, rich. I cut them up into small bites like fudge when I served them and it was a knock-out dessert with some fruit on the side and whipped cream.
I later bought some cinnamon knots that came with a small container of cream cheese icing. These were the perfect cinnamon buns, not too sweet, buttery, nice cinnamon flavor and a perfect size.
After these two fantastic purchases of baked goods, I am curious to check out their cafe for brunch or lunch.

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  1. sounds intriguing...
    here's what i found!
    804 Oak Lane Ave.
    Cafe/Coffeeshop, North Philadelphia

    Nestled in a lovely stone cottage, Under the Oak Café’s cozy interior holds about 20 if you count its antique love seat and pillow-lined window bench. The pastries alone are amazing: Palm-size cinnamon knots are impossibly soft, sugary but not cloying — perfectly spiced. House-cured salmon comes with a very good bagel and three giant capers — stems still attached — as well as red onion and tomato. A spinach quiche proves that the kitchen knows its way around whipped eggs. Even the turkey stew has a light touch: The broth is rich but nowhere near congealed, and it comes over a buttermilk scone, giving the dish a profile a little like a dressed-up pot pie. Red lentil cakes are sautéed to a thin crisp but retain a pillowy texture within, and marry excellently with shaved carrots smothered in oil and Moroccan spices. It’s hard to find fault with this member of the Buy Fresh Buy Local alliance. The coffee is from La Colombe; the tea is loose leaf. And most importantly, the folks serving you seem genuinely to love what they do. Open Mon.-Sat., 6:30 a.m.-6:30 p.m.; Sun., 10 a.m.-3 p.m.

    1. I have not been there, but I have family and friends around that part of the city and everyone really likes it. I think it would be worth checking out if you're not too far.

      1. I've been. It's very, very small, with a menu to match, but everything they have is good. The quiches are excellent, as are all the baked goods. I love the scones. I'd call ahead before you go, though, as their hours have seemed somewhat sporadic lately.

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          I'll second this description of the restaurant itself, and have to mention a pink lemonade cupcake from their stand at the Piazza farmers market this summer that was to die for.

        2. Yes and its fabulouus. I agree with the others... it is VERY small.. but cute. Great for a light lunch or brunch. Good quiche, good meatloaf sandwiches, their soups are always delicious. They have these little cinnamon knots with cream cheese icing that are addictive. Great coffee too.

          1. I'll go along with everyone else - cute little place delicious little menu! I don't eat sweets but their peach (&ginger?) iced tea was to die for!