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Oct 17, 2010 05:59 AM

Anything edible around Medfield?

Family moved to Medfield a few years ago. They have yet to find any really decent food in the area. Any place i have gone has been pretty frightening.. Does anything exist?? We especially like ethnic places but anything would do.

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  1. Tough area. The only place I've been to in the last few years there is Zebra's Bistro, which a) uses an apostrophe-S to bad effect (I doubt it is owned by a Fred Zebra), and b) has the inimitable concept of New American bistro / sushi bar / pub fare place. It should surprise no one that it doesn't do any one of those things particularly well, and yet is pretty busy most nights, especially in the bar, if only for lack of nearby alternatives.

    I read somewhere in the past week that a brand new restaurant is opening nearby, and the photo I saw made me think it might be near Zebra's, but I can't find the item now.

    1. I have always enjoyed Chiara in Westwood. Good timing for this post as we were planning a visit to Zebras for the 1st time. Perhaps I need to rethink this decision....

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        We eat at Zebra's occasionally. It's not horrid. We've actually had some very good meals there, including the best panzanella salad I've ever eaten, as well as some misses.

        We also tried Takara recently. It is right down the street from Zebra's. It bills itself as Japanese, but is really pan-Asian because they have Korean, Chinese, and Thai dishes as well. I had a nice bibimbap there (not super authentic, but tasty) and there was something for everyone in our picky party (2 middle aged adults, 2 older adults, 3 teens).

        I second the Chiara rec as well.

      2. I've had a couple of decent dinners at Noon Hill Grill. Nothing life-altering, to be sure, but far from frightening.

        I've been meaning to try Chiara; need to do something about that.

        Noon Hill Grill
        530 Main St, Medfield, MA 02052

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          Unfortunately, I did have a frightening experience at Noon Hill. I don't even remember the food; what I do remember was the dead moth floating in my lemonade. Bugs in the dining room? Sure, that happens even in the cleanest places. But in my food? No, thanks, can't overcome my revulsion enough to give it another try. They were nice about it, offered free desserts, etc., but I kept thinking, "Why would I want to expose myself and my family to more of your potentially buggy food and bad hygiene?"

          My in-laws still eat there, though, and say it's decent.

        2. Simply no. I would really welcome a great restaurant that has consistently good food in the area. Even a decent pizza place would be great. You might try Wellesley or Needham for a better food experience, otherwise you might have to head into Boston or Cambridge.

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          1. re: fmur

            Decided to just skip lunch and made a sandwich when i got home! :)
            Last four times i ate out in the area it was horrible.
            Last time i let them talk m into a chain.. Bugaboo Creek (not even close to them). Had not been to one in about 10-15 years.. Will never go again. Truely horrible.
            Before that it was Restaurant 45 in Medway. Have never had such oversalted food in my life. It was as if the lid fell off the salt shaker on to all the food or something.
            Time before that it was Szechuan Garden in Medway which has nothing Szechuan about it.. Truely bad mall-food-courtish Chinese food.
            Didnt have good luck at Noon Hill either..

            Even stopping for icecream one time at Black Cow in Millis was not good. Icy icecream and the worst raspberry lime rickey ever. Small portions and not cheap either!

          2. Basil's on Frarie St. is a dependable Italian restaurant in a residential neighborhood. Have had good meals there on at least 3 occasions.Victoria's Cucina Italiania in Westwood is nice, but sadly, never busy.

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            1. re: carneyvore

              Only have gotten take out from Victoria's....nice thin-crust pizza.