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Oct 17, 2010 04:20 AM

Anyone own Asian Flavors of Jean-Georges?

Hi everyone,

I'm hoping that someone owns the Asian Flavors of Jean-George and could kindly tell me the ingredient list for the butternut squash puree that goes with the grilled shrimp. I don't have the book with me here (just moved from LA to Paris and did not bring most of my belongings) and have only made it once, with lots of modifications that I never wrote down. Anyway, the DH just bought a butternut squash requesting that I make it, and I really don't even remember the general flavor it had!

Thanks so much if anyone could help!

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  1. Actually, the recipe I think you are referring to calls for seared shrimp. You make a ginger syrup using 1 cup of fresh lemon juice, 1 cup of sugar, 1 cup of peeled and grated fresh ginger and 1/2 of a fresh red Thai chile. The directions are somewhat confusing because they tell you to put all these ingredients into a sauce pan and bring to a boil, then remove and squeeze the ginger juice into the sauce pan. Maybe it's a mistake that the ginger is initially boiled with the other ingredients. Anyway, it tells you to return the squeezed ginger pulp back to the saucepan and stir well. When cool, strain thru a fine mesh sieve. Season 1/2 a butternut squash with salt and pepper and dot with 5 tablespoons of butter. Wrap in foil and bake on a sheet pan for about an hour or till very tender. Cool slightly and scoop the flesh into a blender. Add the reserved ginger syrup and 2 tsps of salt to the blender and puree.

    I wouldn't make this on a bet! It sounds like this texture would be more like soup than squash unless it was a HUGE butternut squash. Anyway, that's the recipe, and do report back! And I'd like to know what modifications you made when you cooked this before!

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      Wow, them's some crazy instructions. He's trying to max out the ginger flavor. I'd skip the squeezing and returning to pot step and just squeeze the ginger pulp at the end prior to straining.

      The shrimp are seared and served atop the butternut? How are they seasoned? I'm not getting the entire picture here. The ginger seems to be the unifying flavor, but I don't consider shrimp and butternut squash in the same breath that often.

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        Thanks so much!
        what I did was add some lemongrass+galangal water: I boil the lemongrass and a tiny bit of galangal first, then remove lemongrass and galangal, add sugar, ginger and chili. I don't do the whole squeezing of the ginger thing, but I boil for a pretty long time. I add lemon juice at the end, so the sourness doesn't get cooked away and I don't need to add a whole cup.
        for butternut squash, I just microwave it, it takes about 10 minutes for one huge squash.
        and no butter, although I can understand how butter would add richness to this fresh and light taste, so if the smell of butter doesn't make you want to vomit, then please don't skip.
        The texture is smooth and silky, much more liquid than mashed potato but not as thin as soup.

        I served this with seared swordfish the first time I made it, this time it will (hopefully) be with legine, if I can find it.