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what is your favorite Manhattan pizza joint

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by the slice or by the pie. sit down or take out. Harlem to wall street

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  1. You might want to do some searching on CH...there are approximately 5,498 posts on this subject.

    1. Serafina has several locations. Their pizza is outstanding.

      Serafina @ 224 West 49th Street, New York, NY 212 - 247 - 1000.

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        Personally, I'm not a fan of Serafina -- kind of a rip for not very good food, gained some exposure from Gossip Girl and popular with the Upper East Side rich kid crowd.

        Here's a new link with ranking open to debate from the Village Voice blog:

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          Are they related to the one in Brooklyn?

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            Yes, I believe the one in Brooklyn came first but I've only been to the one on the UES.

        2. Hey, I never get tired of reading about pizza or talking about pizza.

          Artichoke Basille's & Co.

          1. Haven't had pizza in a while but I think if we were loafing about and someone said, "Hey, let's go for pizza." I'm sure we would be headed for Patsy's in East Harlem.

            1. Joe's on carmine, the end bye bye

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                Joe's??? Not a chance!!! Doesn't even make the top 10!

              2. I have not eaten here in over 20 years, but as a 10 year old living in New York for the summer back in the mid 1980s my family really enjoyed the V & T Pizzeria. I remember the pizza being really delicious and really huge. It is great casual old neighborhood place that has been in business a long time and from what I hear is very popular among the students at Columbia University.
                V&T Pizzeria & Restaurant
                1024 Amsterdam Ave.
                New York, New York

                1. Oh, yeah, and if I am not mistaken there used to be a fabulous Hungarian bakery right next to the V &T. A very tasty treat if you can still fit in another bite after the monstrous pizza.