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Chowhound Help: A taste of Maryland in Center City?

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Hi all! Brand new to the chow boards here, but hoping you can help. I'm looking for a place with great blue claw crabs, Old Bay style, in the downtown Philly area. Someplace good for groups, where you can lay out a bunch of crabs on a table covered in brown paper (very Chesapeake Bay-ish.)

Any thoughts? I've only seen DiNardo's, and I'm wondering if anyone has any opinions on that one, too...

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  1. Obrycki's!

    Oh wait... scratch that, wrong state.

    1. I'm sure this isn't exactly what you're looking for, but the Oyster House (1500 block of Sansom) has a Tuesday night deal:

      3 Jumbo Hardshell Blue Crabs $19
      All you can Eat $30 (6-9pm only)
      slaw and corn on the cobb
      TUESDAY NIGHTS in Sept & Oct 5-11pm

      1. The closest thing is DeNardo's, it's ok but definitely not great. No paper on the table. You aren't going to find what you want in Philly, though I would love to be proven wrong. The owners of Jolly's are opening a place that is supposed to be this style somewhere on Oregon Ave (not close to CC), but it's not open yet.

        If I were you I wouldn't bother looking for this and go somewhere good.

        1. It's only an hour or so to Elkton / NorthEast. If you're looking for that, go to the source. Bring them a cheese steak.