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Oct 16, 2010 08:31 PM

new Indian rest NE?

Anyone know anythinga bout the new resturant replacing Anpurna on memorial.???

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  1. Yes. It's called Sohnis Restaurant. Former owner of Baba Ka Dhaba (of 17th SE fame). He took over Wattan Sweet House a while ago, and when the Anpurna space came up, he gobbled that up too. They share a kitchen.

    I only ate at the Wattan Sweet house side (it's the side open at lunch) - the food follows much of Baba's pre-ala carte (pre expansion) format - rotating, limited daily menu with a selection of things always available. The food is excellent, and extremely inexpensive. Very worthwhile. Great fresh Naan from the tandoor too. One of the hidden treasures in Calgary.

    Sohni's is open inconsistently, and it's slightly more upscale. Never seen it open for lunch. Prices are a bit higher, but it's nice inside.

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      Thank you for the tid bit! Have you guys done any reviews on either one of them ?

      1. re: chewy_bakah

        Nope - sorry! Though i should get around to it someday. Im a bit motivationally challenged lately.

        I found out that Sohni's is closed for the'll reopen in the spring. Wattan is the only place open for the winter. FYI...

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          darn! I was just looking at their website hoping to try one of their buffets.